May 2018

Can You Call Her?

As the world has become more digital, it’s become more impersonal. It’s not uncommon to “meet” girls online, and most information today is exchanged via text or symbol (emojis, gifs). Why it’s no surprise most people (like yours truly) tend to suggest learning how to text better. (BTW, if you want an practical yet philosophical, […]

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The Battle of the Personas

Yesterday we mentioned how both Biological and Psychological attraction have a Persona element to them. I’m going to explain why this makes sense… and why it matters. To take a step back: You can look at Status/Wealth/Looks (Preselection, Biological) and Type/Values/Growth (Personality, Psychological) as being relatively concrete things. Persona, on the other hand, is more

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Viking Golddiggers

Yesterday we talked about Poor King Harald from the series Vikings. And today we’re going to talk about him again.Because Poor King Harald (such a catchy phrase) is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to women. Exhibit B: Harald, after “moving on” from his disloyal love interest, kidnaps another girl: the concubine-protectress

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Pussy King

I just finished “Vikings” series. (Or at least, what’s out so far) ***I won’t try to give too many spoilers… but if you’re not yet through season 4, you might want to close the email now.*** There’s a character in the show called Harald. When you first meet Harald, he’s an ambitious Earl, on his

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The Seduction Paradox

Yesterday we spoke a bit on the “feminine” nature of seduction… and how many recovering “betas” find seduction a more comfortable road out celibacy than dominance. It raised the question of whether seduction was really a sustainable approach for a guy. After all: If seduction is feminine energy, and feminized guys are drawn to it,

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Seductive Betas

Yesterday we talked about the negative effects of an excessively close relationship with one’s mother into adulthood. We saw how it impacted relationships. But what about dating? It’s an interesting question. Many of these guys develop a fear of women — understandably, because they lacked masculine influence and self-responsibility (and the confidence that comes with

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Smother’s Day

Ah Mother’s Day. A moment to appreciate the women who brought us into the world. I love my mother a lot. She was supportive, loving, reliable. At the times of my life that weren’t exactly great, my mom’s unconditional love was always available. I’m sure a lot of you can relate. But this love also

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Respecting Wamen

One thing post-modernism has introduced to culture is the idea that we “shouldn’t judge.” It’s a stupid idea, for obvious reasons. We navigate the world through perception (taking in information) and judgment (qualifying it). Cut out half of the equation, and you’re pretty much unable to operate in the world. You’re prey. Which is why

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