Yesterday we spoke a bit on the “feminine” nature of seduction… and how many recovering “betas” find seduction a more comfortable road out celibacy than dominance.

It raised the question of whether seduction was really a sustainable approach for a guy.

After all:

If seduction is feminine energy, and feminized guys are drawn to it, isn’t seduction the problem?

Well, that depends.

On whether seduction is a strategy or a tactic.

Because you see, the two are quite different.A seduction strategy, for instance, is not so different than that of a woman.

It works for SOME guys… but usually only the young and very handsome.(and against older, wealthy women… or men)

It’s basically a signal that you want people to pursue YOU.

Not the masculine, direct, assertive energy that you need to cultivate as a guy.

Hence the misconception.

But indeed, a quite excusable one… since “getting women to chase you” is on just about every pick up ad that ever existed.

Guys are so feminized today, even the “get laid” crowd tries to ACT like women to attract women.

(Female quasi-PUA literature is similar: “here’s how you can be assertive and get the guy”)

Guess what: this works, but only temporarily, and on not-so-well-adjusted women.

What you want is a masculine, dominant frame, with a tactic of your choosing (or ideally a blend).

In fact:

I hypothesize the most complex and dangerous men are those with a dominant frame, and seductive tactical arsenal.

Their masculinity has deep roots, and comes across in everything they do. And yet… they know how to charm and cajole women with ease.

Think of it like bringing forward an army to put pressure on the city, and then taking the city through diplomacy (or intrigue) with nary a shot fired.

Women love men who have this combination.

Pure dominance types… they get boring.


(Easy to manipulate)

These are your alpha males who end up having one-dimensional (or dead) marriages.

A bit like Raging Bull (even if he had less rage).

Anyway, ‘nuff said for now.

I think I’ve given you enough to chew on.

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– Pat

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