As the world has become more digital, it’s become more impersonal.

It’s not uncommon to “meet” girls online, and most information today is exchanged via text or symbol (emojis, gifs).

Why it’s no surprise most people (like yours truly) tend to suggest learning how to text better.

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But it the only option?

Perhaps not.

While it’s good to do what’s expected better than others, there’s also real value in doing the opposite of what everybody else is up to.

Such as “calling a girl” before a date.

This used to be common place. I remember in high school even calling my girlfriend’s house and having to go through her mom, and occasionally (gasp) her dad.

(yes, even in the early ages of cellphones, through the mid-aughts house numbers will still useful)

Today, it’s a lost skill.

But one older men — including one former client of mine — have used to great effect.

There are a couple reasons to do this.

One, it stands out MASSIVELY. And attention is always a good thing in this distracted world.

Two, it can be quite efficient to set up the date (if she picks up).

Three, when done quickly and casually, it subcommunicates a TON of confidence.

But the last one is perhaps the most important.

It saves you TIME in case she’s someone you don’t actually want to see.

You can from a 3-5 minute phone conversation a bit about what kind of girl she is. You can see if she has personality, charisma, how shy she is, etc.

But my former client mentioned a different, yet excellent reason to jump on the call, based on yesterday’s email.

You can tell HOW SHE SOUNDS.

Does she have a valley girl inflection? A vocal fry? A smoker’s rasp?Something you can avoid without the hassle.

Anyway, a thing to chew on. Perhaps not for everybody.

But if you’d prefer to stick to the usual set-up-the-date-via-text script, you’d best be doing it right.

Hence my book.

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It’s worth far more than the $5 it’s charged…

– Pat