March 2021

5D Frame

Last September I took a week off to hike 80 miles of the Appalachian Trail, from the start of the Delaware Water Gap in NJ to Greenwood Lake, NY. Not such a tough hike, really. Even amateurs manage 15 miles a day up and downhill — I would be averaging only 11-12 — and this …

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How To Insult A Girl

A situation happened with a client the other day that was very instructive and worth sharing. Cutting to the chase: My client had been dating a girl for a few months. Dynamic was pretty solid — they had great conversational chemistry, sex was good, and values were in line. She liked him, he liked her, …

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Why Women Leave Attractive Men

In the last email we talked about women who want to “be married” but don’t think so much about being a wife. And yet there needs to be an addendum to this… as men have their own problem in this department. Hang around the manosphere long enough and you’ll begin to think women want a …

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