Last September I took a week off to hike 80 miles of the Appalachian Trail, from the start of the Delaware Water Gap in NJ to Greenwood Lake, NY.

Not such a tough hike, really. Even amateurs manage 15 miles a day up and downhill — I would be averaging only 11-12 — and this section of the AT is far from the most difficult.

But there was a catch:

I’d be hiking it without food.

Why I decided to do this, I didn’t much know. What I did know was over the summer I had done some major bits of inner work that had been gnawing at me for years.

I was finally aware of my own needs. My boundaries were clear, and getting stronger.

Yet something was missing. An external capstone for all of this inner work. Something to “lock it in” — to perhaps prove the legitimacy of those boundaries.

So when Sofia suggested I needed to do an initiation, when I had already been considering a longer fast, and when the unvisited mountains of my state entered into my mind… I knew this expedition was what was calling.

I had to do it. To refuse would be to chicken out on destiny.

Perhaps one day I will tell the full story of what happened on that trip. I had intended to months back, but the urge outline it for the community never came.

Some things that were profound feel too banal to put into writing — like the cold silence and textures of the forest in the morning twilight. Others — encounters with demons — sound exciting to relive, yet are almost impossible to explain.

But the gist of it was simple:

Over the course of 158 hours I experienced almost non-stop fatigue, hunger, and — worst of all — cold. I spent most nights completely alone, shivering in wooded mountains, barely sleeping.

Yet through it all I began to understand my capacity as a man.

How strong was I really? How would I react when I was tired, cold, and hungry — with nobody around to help?

What did I need to prepare for that would be coming down the road?

The Resilience of 5D

I’ve been confident for years, and have always had a strength to me. Even when I was younger and not quite so sure of myself, I nevertheless pushed on through my fears.

But the events of January were a real test of my frame.

You may have disagreed with my perspectives — you may have thought I was crazy. Perhaps you still think this.

But you have to admit there is a certain resilience to a man who can lose 2/3rds of his savings, suffer a barrage of character assassination by the media, betrayal from friends and family, and get arrested by the FBI — threatening more financial losses and even jail — yet handle it with a shrug.

How have I managed to do this?


I have Faith.

Faith that the truth will be revealed, and justice will prevail. And Faith that anything thrown my way is not simply a tool for my own growth, but merely an experience I decided to go through in this life.

I know I am aligned, and so if it is happening to me it is meant to happen.

Why resist it, or put more emphasis on it than necessary?

They are but parts of a story, which I am going through — yes — but which I am also observing and creating.

I can experience this lightly, because I have a “bird’s eye view” of it — and indeed life in general.

I have 5D Frame.

Now, this may not be what immediately comes to mind when you think of frame or being “strong.”

But what people don’t understand about strength is that it is not really about how much you can take, but how you take it.

Is steel better at receiving an impact than water? If not, is it really stronger?

You may have a high tolerance for pain, but the person who is less hurt will outlast you.

And it is easy not to get hurt when you understand minor misfortunes are simply a part of greater victories.

This is a shift in perception outwards, and it is the foundation of 5D frame.

This is a confusing approach for many, as most lack practice in such releasing. They have a very dense way of experiencing life. They care about everything, and try to control everyone.

Yet if you seek to control something, you emotionally attach to it. Which means if control is temporarily lost — and this always happens — emotions (and thus confidence) will swing rapidly. The tighter we cling, the lower our vibration becomes — and the greater intensity of emotions we will feel.

This is why there is “nothing like first love.” It’s not because our first romance was the best, or because we got jaded (and ruined) when it ended — it’s because we lack the perspective in our youth to hold our relationships lightly.

We cling to them, with a desperate heaviness. A look and a smile from a pretty girl can put us on cloud nine, and a rejection from her can devastate us.

3D and 4D Frame

I am not a master, and though I am mostly grounded in upper 4D / 5D these days, throughout this current ordeal I’ve experienced the spectrum of these frames.

I’ve had moments under the weight of fear — “what if I get banned from this, what if they do this to me.” And I’ve felt myself ease out of it into courage — “here’s how I’ll respond, I won’t give up.” As I further release, fight morphs into appreciation — “I will learn so much from this, I’m becoming so much stronger”… until I finally return to the point where the whole scenario is amusing. “How exciting! What a life!”

Fluctuations like the above are normal — you can observe on twitter, for instance, what state of consciousness someone is in based on how they tweet.

Which of these densities you spend the most time in determines your frame.

3D frame is the most dense of them all — which makes it the most brittle. In 3D you are only strong when they are weak. One wrong move, and they will conquer you. This is the frame of the bitter red pillers — it is a heavy polarity, a codependence with their “enemy.”

Relationships in 3D are like war. Men in this frame are controlling, and only feel “secure” when the woman obeys and cannot leave.

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I say “secure” sarcastically, of course, because no amount of control is truly enough. There is always a little bit of rebellion in the controlled person that needs to be stamped out. And regardless there is always another person or problem in opposition to you somewhere that will give you an opportunity to get upset.

Thus the “dominant” person with 3D frame has baseline emotions of paranoia, possessiveness and anger. And he preys on people who are susceptible to guilt, lack, and worthlessness.

Nothing is more frustrating for someone in a higher state of consciousness than having to stay in one of these 3D hierarchies. This is the case of many bright children, whose conventional parents are stuck in 3D. And this is the case of many exceptional employees, especially in large corporations.

So what do they do?

They shift into 4D. And when they can, they leave.

4D frame is a confidence in one’s own ability to handle adversity.

This is not a bird’s eye panorama of life, but it is the beginning of the end of heavy polarity. At first one simply knows taking the risk towards freedom is better than continuing in the current 3D control structure. 

But it is nevertheless a terrifying jump, because you leave the certainty of being able to define yourself against something external. If 3D frame is encapsulated in “us vs them,” 4D frame is the moniker “your only competition is yourself.”

You can see quite clearly how a person in 4D could easily outpace someone in 3D. The 4D individual will take more risks, and grow more. He will attract other talented people to him. 

(Indeed — to zoom out into the macro, the only way 3D structures beat 4D is through cheating and theft. If the larger structure is 3D, then 4D businesses can be regulated or fined away — or their 3D competition can get massive advantages. This is why it’s important to build parallel systems… you cannot beat 3D by playing under 3D rules.)

4D’s only limitation is its emphasis on the testing of one’s self. Why is this a limitation? 

Because when we perceive each experience as a challenge, there remains an attachment to it. There may not be that 3D desperation, but there is still an intensity.

Which is fine, of course. For many this game is what makes life worth living.

But these emotional swings can and do throw you off balance. This is the athlete who gets angry after a botched performance. He bounces back, but his need to excel becomes a burden unto itself.

Shifting Into 5D

What you may eventually come to understand is that such intensity is unnecessary. Mistakes and hard times are not simply inevitable, they have been to a certain extent pre-agreed upon by you. You do not simply “own your mistakes,” you understand the “mistake” was necessary — and in fact part of a larger plan.

And it is at this point that you achieve true freedom.

Not simply freedom from the 3D control structure. But freedom from failure altogether. Once the tapestry of life is seen, the concept no longer has meaning.

Thus there are no more mistakes, and no shame. And without shame, there is only full self-expression and creation.

You can speak the truth and if someone gets angry, you honor their anger, and leave them to it.  There is no “passing shit tests” as no one can possibly control you when you have no attachment to their reaction. You understand everyone has their choices to make and paths to take; you leave them to it, and you walk the one ordained for you.

You understand that you are not defined by your losses or indeed your successes, as “you” are not only far more than your experience, but more than your current incarnation. You are past, present, future — in this timeline, and the rest.

This awareness is 5D Frame.

Getting to this place is hard, because the mindset that shifts you into 4D eventually becomes a barrier towards 5D. Many in 4D talk about “how do I get to 5D” as if it is some sort of goal or achievement. The phrasing of the question indicates the person does not quite understand this different state of mind.

4D is the development of the self; 5D is the release of it. It is an allowing rather than a constructing. If you want to get to 5D, focus less on “getting” there and more on releasing attachment to everything you have or think you require.

And if you’re not in the place to do that yet — and few are — paradoxically you must honor it. We all must feel through our emotions; by resisting and rushing them, we only produce shame… which simply slows us down further.

If and when you are ready, you will move onwards. But it’s OK — even divine — to be exactly where you are right now.

Indeed, the journey requires it. The ups and downs, the working through trauma, the over-attaching… it is inevitable. We shift consciousness unconsciously as we work through things.

Which is why there will be times when we “drop down.” Maybe we’re tired, maybe we’re triggered, maybe we’ve heard too many negative opinions — maybe it’s even just “something in the air.” But suddenly the trajectory of our life looks very different than it did the day or even moments before.

These “changes” are (of course) nothing more than a mirage. Nothing has changed except our perceived relationship to what is. But there is no reason to take these shifts heavily. It is part of growth.

The best you can do to move beyond moments like these — and of course, that is your choice, not a requirement — is to simply feel into them, and expand your perspective.

Remember you have already gone through what you are going through; indeed, in a timeline you have already completed it.

Conclusion: Timeline Mastery

When I was in the woods, and I was cold, tired, and hungry — I did not identify with the discomfort. I asked for strength in each step, but from a higher perspective I knew I would continue to the end, and so it was easy to persist onwards.

I smiled knowing the journey was already completed, and that I was simply experiencing its completion.

This gave me complete freedom, and turned every trial into an amusement.

But this freedom is only granted when you surrender.

You must give up your own assertions and attachments, and allow a higher will, a higher-self’s will — God’s will — to guide you.

This is not avoidance or apathy. By releasing attachment to the moment, we see it holistically and with more appreciation. By acknowledging what is rather than resisting it, we are able to move beyond it.

This is the fast lane through troubles; negative events are amplified by our engagement with them, but they dissipate when we do not give them preeminence. Energy vampires try to steal our focus, because control of our focus is control of our timeline.

You must be aware and not consent to this. But to truly bypass the fight — to become 5D — you cannot engage an obstacle like iron but like water. You must note it, and then go around it… or seep through its cracks.

This is the paradox of timeline mastery: you only have true freedom to shape your life once you release importance to what transpires in it.

Once you hold things lightly, like a child.

Once you learn once again how to play.

And if you want help learning how to play? If you want to develop this 5D Frame?

I can’t do it for you. But I can help show you the way.

Apply here:

– Pat