Many of you asked for me to expand on this tweet from the other day:

But really, what else is there to say?

This is one of those observations that gathers much of its power through its simplicity. Take a moment and consider how it applies to your own life.

What are you not yet ready to receive?

Everyone “wants” to be rich, everyone “wants” to be treated well by beautiful women, everyone “wants” a healthy and physically fit body…

But how we act says otherwise.

We low-ball our offers, or accept a paycheck for our work that is beneath what we put out.

We accept women we aren’t attracted to, or who take us for granted and don’t put any effort into treating us well or meeting our needs.

We eat like crap and don’t show up to the gym.

We self-sabotage. We settle.

But really, we give ourselves exactly what we feel like we deserve.

I have been talking a lot about clearing out shame recently, and for good reason.

Shame is what determines our level of deservedness.

It sets how much we are willing to receive.

So please burn this into your head if you want to expand the experience of your life:


They believe — rightly or wrongly — that they are able to receive whatever they want.

Which is unfortunately why many of the people “at the top” are EVIL, because these people completely lack shame. They don’t have the goodness in them to feel this, so they are not hindered by it.

But good people can similarly rise to the top… they just have to approach it differently.

They have to go through the process of internal purification… and release the mental programs (often instilled in them by the bad guys) that have convinced them they don’t deserve nice things, or have set some sort of limitation on them.

Because none of those barriers are true.

You can think big, and manifest big. You can create for yourself a life better than the one of past kings.

But you need to BELIEVE you are that type of man first.

Not an overnight process. And for some guys, given their past trauma, a long lasting one.

How to make that process shorter?

There is one way:

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– Pat