Yesterday I made mention of facts and inferences being very valuable in conversing and attracting women.

(aka, being a nerd can get you laid)

Enticing, I’m sure, for many of my (inevitably nerdy) readership.

After all — who else would follow a guy who talks about deep psychology and social dynamics?

But the fact is most nerds DON’T get laid… or at least have to learn how.

A real shame, considering how many advantages they have.

Nerds — far more so than the average guy — have the advantage of CURIOSITY.

They think, they explore, they imagine.

It’s second nature for them.

The problem is, they don’t know how to use it with women.

They don’t know how to use these tools to SOCIALIZE.

They take the little factoids they’ve learned, and when they share them, they ramble. In other words: they speak about the information as simply interesting information, rather than apply it to the girl.


Girls enjoy interesting facts, but their tolerance for totally random ones is limited (unless they are a handful of nerdy, intuitive personality types — and even then, don’t overdo it).

One reason I do well with foreign girls is because I know so much about geography, so when I’m in their country, I can talk about things I’ve learned about THEIR country… which are in turn relevant to THEM.

But this is the key: though it’s my inclination to do so, I never linger on “fun facts” because it ends up subcommunicating a know-it-all attitude. If she mentions some interesting place, I’ll express my familiarity with it, but I won’t offer this knowledge up front (another thing we’ll go into later).

Rather, what I talk about, I talk about to personalize the conversation with her.

“I’ve heard of X thing around here, have you been?” gradually moves into talk about growing up in the area.

They are springboards, not ends to themselves. The end is the connection; the facts are social lubrication.

We’ll talk some more on this topic tomorrow.

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