We’ve talked about hard women the last few days, this will be our last exploration for the time being.

I want to talk about a strange but growing phenomenon in the west…

Perhaps you’ve heard of them. They certainly got some press.

Cougar cruises.

Basically, young guys getting comped vacations with old women, to keep them “company.”

Many people have glorified this phenomenon as “equality,” since rich old men have done this young women since time memorial.

I personally only care about how interesting it is, and what it says about human nature.

The reasons women want these things at first glance is simple.

Young, attractive people are universally desirable. If a woman has money, and is not on the look-out for a high-status man, she is going to want a man who is young and handsome.

Possession of beauty is, in a certain sense, status. It’s why people pay for escorts and clubs comp entry to models.

But is there a psychological phenomenon occurring as well?

Methinks yes.

The truth is, most old men don’t just like young beautiful women because of their looks.

They like that the women make them feel important again.

These guys act like fathers to the women, taking care of them. Being “daddy.”

From my observations, the women are the same.

There’s a certain “mothering” element cougars have to these young guys — “don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything.”

Which makes it impossible for these guys to have the frame, at least in a masculine sense.

She’s the boss, albeit a benevolent one.

Something to keep in mind if you’re considering seriously dating an older woman.

The tail can wag the dog (this is the power of seduction), but rarely overtly.

Indeed, there’s an irony to consider here.

Women 5-15 years older than you might expect you to still be “the man” in the relationship… even as they make the frame all but impossible to retrieve.

Women 15+ years older, however, may yet lose such expectations. They just want you to look good as they take care of business.

A “mommy girlfriend” if you will.

Now, a little FYI..

If you read this and feel a pull of fantasy towards such a dynamic, look inward. The impulse is a sign that you’re not completely moved on from adolescence.

Part of you still wants “mommy” instead of being a man and directing your life.

That said, for good-looking guys, things could be worse.

It’s an easy life of luxury.

Of course, I’m sure there are many stipulations of hers that show who’s in “control”… but I digress.

The minds of men and women are fascinating things.

If you’d like to learn more — including about your own — work with me.

It’s impossible to have a good life with unprocessed baggage. It hampers any bit of progress.

Mommy Girlfriend won’t save you.

But I can help you save yourself.

The link’s here: www.patstedman.com/application

– Pat

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