I’m heading to France in a couple weeks, and I’ve been brushing up on my high-school French accordingly.

I’ve always liked French — it’s sing-song language that’s relatively easy to learn, especially to speak.

(though my accent sucks — a product of having a very interrupted French program growing up)

Anyway, I realized something while reading through the book that was very interesting, an instantly reminded me of my real world experience.

French girls don’t smile with their teeth.

Or if they do, barely, with the smile subdued.

(Most of their smile is in their eyes, which is radiant)

In contrast, American girls generally show their teeth when they smile, and Latinas give BIG smiles.

Fun fact, no?

But with much relevance.

For these are the sort of observations that give you a leg up with women.


If I was walking by a pretty girl, and saw her smiling like that, I’d stop and mention: “this is really random, but are you French?”

An easy opener, and like all assumptions, one that puts you in the win-win situation of guessing a French girl out of the crowd based on her smile, or the not-so-second place position of telling a random girl she looks French (which is almost universally a complement)


It (can) preselect you somewhat with the women, as it infers a degree of experience with French girls (whether you keep it or lose it depends on your framing). The observation also allows tons of fun conversation about cultures and how weird each one is, and natural sharing about each others lives.

But this isn’t really the point of the email, though you are welcome to steal my observations.

It’s rather that you should be observing such things yourself.

Because every un-obvious thing you observe is a weapon to make you extra interesting.

Facts you gather, inferences you make.

These are curious things, and placed the right way (something we’ll talk about tomorrow), they are the bread and butter of being both a good conversationalist and seducer.

Anyway, enough for today.

If you want an arsenal of such insights for your own use, work with me: www.patstedman.com/application

For my clients, I hold nothing back.

– Pat