Had an interesting conversation with a client the other day that brought to light a topic I haven’t explored before.

Here’s the exposé:

My client was currently seeing two girls. One is very sexual — quintessential “whore” energy. But, she made him wait two dates before letting him down her pants.

(“Two dates is ‘making him wait?’” — I know, the trads are rolling their eyes 🙂

The other, is not so much. In demeanor she’s far more “madonna-esq” and doesn’t really let herself go sexually. Indeed, she’s doesn’t even like dirty talk.

The catch, however, is nevertheless he slept with her on the first date.

So is she really a “madonna?”

This a good distinction and it needs clarifying. Because the “madonna-whore complex” — while it correlates to “how fast a girl puts out” in the aggregate — is ultimately not so much about a woman’s actions but aher affiliation with types of energy.

For instance, 120 years ago back in the Victorian Era — do you think there weren’t “whore energy” women in upper class society?

Of course there were. But does that mean they were promiscuous? For the most part, no.

Back then sexual mores were very tightly adhered to. Women who had a strong sexual impulse were restricted from expressing it casually — they had to wait until marriage. Only then did they let their desire out. Hopefully the man they were with was open enough to receive it.

Conversely, in this degenerate era there are numerous “madonnas” who are emotionally damaged and see sex as part of “doing business.” They open their legs easily, but “starfish.” Even as they have sex recklessly, they are disconnected from it.

These paradoxes have not changed today. Many “good girls” really really love sex and are extremely sexual creatures. They are “open minded” in the bedroom and are enthusiastic participants.

They are in touch with their whore energy.

But, that doesn’t mean when they date they act like a whore. They can have the morals and self-awareness to know to wait — in truly virtuous cases until marriage, or at least until commitment is established. They can be horny yet not be a slut.

And madonnas can be sexually closed-off yet sleep around. Sex gets them attention from the guy — so they offer it up. Why not? Maybe deep down they want the status and respect of wife and mother, but they don’t believe they deserve it. Temporary validation is the best they can do.

Now, a lot of you might come away from this confused. Why on earth would a man want a madonna who sleeps around versus to a whore who doesn’t?

Of course, you wouldn’t.

Which is why the most important thing you always want to look for in a woman is her emotional health and psychological integration.

A woman who has a madonna disposition yet puts out easily is broken. It is a form of self-degradation — far more so than a highly sexual woman, who you can at least say pursues sex from a position of agency.

And a woman who has a whore disposition yet restrains herself until commitment is healthy. It is a form of self-restraint — with higher virtue than a sexually ambivalent woman, who is not nearly as tempted towards promiscuity.

Anyway, enough said.

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– Pat