May 2021


Yesterday an interesting little video popped up in my timeline. Ines — a young and attractive Spanish TikTok star, known for her “cute” accent — was crying. Apparently some people were mean and bullying her! Saying her accent wasn’t real. And she’s very insecure about her accent 🙁 So she did what any girl with […]

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Can You Trust A Cheater?

Great little conversation presented itself the other day on Twitter that caused some controversy: What do I think? Well first off, I need to be clear about something. I know a lot of guys in the corner are blasé or dismissive about a man engaging in some discreet cheating. “It’s normal and natural, to be expected.”

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The Levels of Game

Great tweet from The Great Nash the other day I wanted to explore: I remember situations like this in my early years of game. I’d be parroting lines from The Game or going a little on-the-nose with David DeAngelo’s “cocky funny.” Girls would respond non-platonically — which was big progress back in those days — but not

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Jealousy And Female Attraction

Saw a quote on the TL that I thought was very interesting: “a woman does not know she’s attracted until she experiences jealousy” A profound statement. But is it true? My answer might disappoint. But as always, it depends. I know, I know. This is one of those “ironclad” red pill truths. A woman sees you

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