Yesterday an interesting little video popped up in my timeline.

Ines — a young and attractive Spanish TikTok star, known for her “cute” accent — was crying.

Apparently some people were mean and bullying her! Saying her accent wasn’t real. And she’s very insecure about her accent 🙁

So she did what any girl with zero agenda would do… and record an impromptu video in a bathrobe “looking terrible,” with soaked eyes looking for sympathy.


I am not one to disrespect the hustle. But seeing as my audience is predominantly men, and I understand male psychological triggers — and how Girl Game preys upon them — I called this out for what it is.

Emotional Manipulation

Surprisingly, I got some backlash from this.

“She’s just a young girl! How dare you bully her!”

Well, sorry, but her being YOUNG is kinda the point. This stuff only works when the girl “looks” innocent.

This girl has a massive platform of MALE followers and she routinely fleeces them for money by playing off of their lack of real-world feminine admiration.

I give her credit — she manages to make a substantial income without resulting to full on pornography. She sells sexuality, but the energy rather than the act.

But by selling herself, she’s fair game. And it’s important for guys to have this act revealed.


Because guys fall for this shit ALL THE TIME.

Young, attractive girls will do all sorts of devious, self-entitled things… and then when caught, CRY.

They play the “bird with the broken wing.” And the guy who caught her — and was prepared to lay down some boundaries — suddenly finds his resolve slipping.“

How can I be tough on her? She really didn’t mean to do anything. Maybe I was wrong to second-guess her. She’s a good girl” (read: maybe she will like me and favor me if I don’t address her bs)

Daughters do this to their fathers, but even more — they do it to suitors. When they leverage this helplessness and beauty with the possibility of sex, many men will completely drop their guard.It’s a tale as old as time. But for some reason today, we’ve chosen to forget it.

Young attractive women aren’t angels.

Innocent looks don’t mean an innocent mind. Don’t be a fool.

Manipulation is present whenever you cannot address something.

So how to avoid this plight?

Learn to act INTERNALLY vs externally.

Just because she’s got charm, it doesn’t mean her shit doesn’t stink. She is no different than any other girl — or any person for that matter.

Treat her according to her character. Not better or worse.It won’t only serve in protecting you from girls out to take advantage of your naivety. But it will in fact ATTRACT those beautiful girls to you.

Because when a girl like that is used to getting whatever she wants from a man…… the man who tells her NO is the one who captures her heart.

She knows he hasn’t fallen for her tricks. Which means he SEES her. And it’s when someone sees you that you begin to love them.

Sadly girls like this are rarely seen for who they actually are. They fall victim to their own artifice, and are surrounded by takers.

But seeing girls like this is a skill you can develop.

Especially if you work with me.

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– Pat

PS New video uploaded to YouTube – “Masturbation, Being Realistic and Post-Quarantine Dating”: