Great tweet from The Great Nash the other day I wanted to explore:

I remember situations like this in my early years of game. I’d be parroting lines from The Game or going a little on-the-nose with David DeAngelo’s “cocky funny.”

Girls would respond non-platonically — which was big progress back in those days — but not all of them would bite. I chalked most of this up to calibration, which was definitely a factor as a newbie. But why was it some girls got obsessed, and others scoffed?

As Nash points out… there are levels to game. And a girl will only “fall” for the same level of game so many times.

She will mature and evolve as time goes on. And will need something deeper to catch her eye.

I gained a reputation in our corner for talking about “psychological game” or “deep game” for exactly this reason. There is a point when the standard “red pill” routines don’t hit the same way… or at least don’t hit in isolation.

I say “in isolation” because the standard principles ALWAYS apply. Push-pull, agree and amplify… these things don’t stop mattering.

But you can’t JUST do these things and get the same response from a woman who has “been there done that.”

The game that works on a naive, 18 year old girl who hasn’t yet been with a man who “gets it” won’t work on a 28 year old who has. Especially one who is actually “doing the work” and realizing how she falls for the same shit over and over that leaves her wanting for more.

Higher-level, more psychologically developed women demand more than Robert Cialdini’s psychological triggers. They need a “game” that makes a man stand out from the others around him.

So what does that game look like?

Well, I talk about it at length in my masterclass. We really review all of game, both basic and advanced.But the gist is that you need to become more authentic and developed yourself as a man.

And most importantly, you need to have emotional range.

This is something guys who have just gotten involved in game have a hard time with. No surprise, as most guys who enter game have a lot of trauma surrounding women. They’ve probably been “the nice guy” — resentment is just below the surface, and first and foremost they want to protect themselves from that pain; they want power.

Which is understandable, and frankly OK. This is a step on many men’s journeys.

But it’s important for these guys to also accept that you are only going to attract an inexperienced, and similarly traumatized woman when you are using the basics.

These are the women who operate on “alpha fux, beta bux” paradigm — they jump at you when you neg them, and run from you when you compliment. These are the women we discussed yesterday, who need jealousy to feel something for you.

These women go for the asshole. Women who have healed, on the other hand, may admire the asshole’s audacity — they might feel a visceral twinge of attraction — but they also understand some of what’s coming out is bravado. There’s a veneer there — she can feel it — and so she passes.

So the question really is… what sort of woman do you want?

There are many who will respond to the basics. And there are new women coming of age every year like this, who are young and beautiful.

But if you want depth with a woman, you need to go deeper in yourself. And you need to bring that depth into you game.It’s a very serious process. But the good news?

Helping men through this is what I do. Apply here to work with me:

– Pat

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