I was doing some “dreamcasting” this morning about where I’d like to be in the future.

It’s a good exercise, especially if you want to figure out what you value in life.

(Like all ENTPs, this doesn’t come naturally to me)

One thing that’s been coming up for me recently is sailing. I don’t know how to sail, but when I was a kid I knew, and boating through the Jersey Shore deltas was a big memory from my childhood.

I’m also obsessed with random (particularly desolate) islands, historical expeditions, and personal freedom… so I’m getting the impression part of me wants to “rediscover” the world on my own.

So I’ve been sucking up info on yachting, in anticipation of learning in a decade or so.

Which led me onto the “flat earth society.”

I’m sure some of you have heard about it before. It’s probably existed for awhile but just started getting attention the past year.

These guys don’t think the earth is round.And they are so convinced, they dispute the testimony of sailors, aviators… people who circumnavigate the globe on their own regularly.

It’s the usual stuff in conspiracies.

Flat Earther: “I did the math and the trip you’re claiming to take isn’t possible”

Regular pilot who regularly goes around the Earth: “That’s because your math is wrong, here is the route I took and…”

Flat Earther: “LOL look at the CIA sending people here to keep people in the dark”

Etc., etc.

You can’t tell the truth to people whose identity is based around something. Their cognitive dissonance will always find a way to rationalize it away.

Kinda like the “sphere” guys who think it’s impossible to find good women.

They’ve been hurt, and they’ve got an axe to grind. So they use things like female hypergamy to say women are inherently amoral and WILL burn you if you show the slightest bit of investment.

They ignore the fact that some women have better values than others, and that other factors come into play when a woman decides to “branch swing.”

(Something we’ll talk about later this week)

Don’t get me wrong. Female hypergamy CAN be dangerous… and it’s something you definitely need to be aware of.

But it’s not the only thing. And you can literally go insane if it’s all you think about.

It’s really simple gents:

Get your shit together — stay fit, make money, game your girl, build your circle, focus on growth — and hypergamy isn’t going to be a real issue.

If anything, it will work in your FAVOR.

Which brings us to the pitch.

I can’t help you get in shape or make money.

(At least, not directly — though deep work tends to help with everything)

But if you need to learn game and all the stuff that comes with it — techniques, systems, subcommunication, “girl game” — I will teach you it.

You won’t have any problem understanding what’s going on or what to do in a situation with a woman ever again.

Add onto this my expertise in “social circle game” (and how to build said social circle)… as well as the “deep work” that shifts long-standing self-sabotaging beliefs…

Well, something to consider.

Remember: The sooner you start addressing these things the more time you have to enjoy the fruits of them.

And addressing them with a coach is the fastest way to make the changes happen.

Go here to apply: www.patstedman.com/application

– Pat