Super short and straight to the point email for you today.

Aside from our calls, one of the perks of working with me is the opportunity to text me or share in the private client-only group one’s latest updates with women.

I observe some interesting interactions as a result.

Some of these are serious. Big red flags on a girl in question… or perhaps a self-defeating mindset on the part of the guy.

But being honest, most of the scenarios are minor.

Guy miscalibrates with a girl, pushing too much when he should have “pulled.”

Dude says makes a joke that falls flat.

Meh stuff.

Or at least, that’s how they look from over here.

But clients tend to do something funny.

And not exactly productive for their success with women.

They start to FREAK OUT.

And then keep pushing to try to compensate for the mistake they made.

When what they really should do?

MOVE ONLook guys…

You do NOT need to calibrate perfectly to get women. Guys who are pushing limits are always going to push too far here or there.


What they care about is whether YOU care and start to act weird.

Pretend it never happened. Move on.

And if you want the privilege of feedback if and when you fall into this self-destructive state? Of some objectivity and deeper perspective?

Apply here:

Now you’re not just gaining access to me, but a whole community of guys on the same journey as you…

– Pat