So a brief email for ya here.

Wanted to make a little follow up on the story I mentioned before re: my friend.

I noted he had recently acquired a high-quality girlfriend, despite his single-parent status and shady past.

Anyway, he matched with this lady on Hinge.

(didn’t have time with his crazy life to do his usual preferred cold approaching, and found Tinder to just be a smash-fest)

And laughed out loud when he saw her profile.

Because after her spiel about her life, she listed 2 criteria:

— No single dads
— No fuckboys

Now, many guys in his situation would have seen this and felt disheartened.

“Oh man, she’s cute and interesting but I guess it’s not going to work.”

They take female statements LITERALLY and ACCURATELY.

Those who know women, know better.

Because women rarely mean what they actually say.

Indeed, they often mean the OPPOSITE.

Especially when it comes to attraction.


Each woman might have their specific proclivities.

But on a fundamental level, all women are looking for the same thing:

A man with self-possession who knows how to make her FEEL.

And because such men are rare, especially today, they are particularly prized by women… to the extent that women will sacrifice all of their “logical” criteria in order to be with them.

Which is why if you are (or aspire to be) such a man, when confronted with a woman’s criteria…

Don’t take it seriously.

Focus on the attraction.

And let her decide on the importance of the rest, after she’s hooked on you.

Case in point:

Late in their first date, after she was swooning, he leveled with her about his past… including his daughter.

He smiled and teased her:

“You really fucked up didn’t you, you’re 0/2 with me”

She laughed… because she knew she didn’t care as much as being with him.

I think you get the point.

Don’t ever elevate what a woman says over what she viscerally feels… whether you’ve known her for an hour or a decade.

Women don’t know what they want.

But they expect you to figure it out anyway.

To learn how, apply here:

– Pat