This past weekend I was out with friends in Napa Valley.

It was a fun, fun time — even despite having to grapple with the smoke from the fire burning in Northeastern California.

Anyway, we ended up going to a certain vineyard… that was very clearly an illuminati hotbed.

Now, how did I know this?

Let’s just say I have contacts who have worked under such people… and I have attended such an event. So I know what clues to look for.

Certain flags… certain icons… certain types of lighting… the attitude of the guide when asked about private events that went on in the place… the name of said place…  the style of wine pourers (yes, seriously)… and — as if there were any doubt — an interesting collection of “devices” not known to cause pleasure to normal people.

(For those still in doubt, I met the guide at a bar later that night — story about that coming tomorrow — and he confirmed my suspicions. Hence my vagueness… he was under an NDA, and should not have talked to me about it.)

Anyway, the owner of this place is known for his licentiousness.

He’s on his 4th wife.

But, it’s hard to see why this matters to him… since he’ll sleep with any attractive woman that approaches him.

Sex to the illuminati is interesting like that.

They use it liberally, as they find magical properties in youth and beauty.

(They are not wrong, but that’s a dark topic for another email)

But though they frame it like it’s a form of freedom… it’s really a form of predation.

Because they consume this energy through sex.

(This is why people who “aspire” to join the illuminati circles are fools… they funnel these people in like beasts to slaughter. Only the powerful are invited to become consumers… though there are also costs to this…)

Anyway, I’ll stop here because I’m sure I’m losing most of you.

Many probably don’t believe this world exists, and to be fair I was skeptical about it as well up until a year ago.

But it does… and I have learned things about this world that apply to you, my dear readers.

The more obsessed you are with lust, the harder it will be for you to love.

I used to believe that the two were separate, but not necessarily contrary. But I can see now that lust — like many “sins,” such as drunkenness — are behaviors that in specific contexts may be ok, but when unrestrained lead you down the bad path.

This is because lust takes, while love gives.

And it’s perhaps why the honeymoon phase — a period of lust, even among people with potentially greater compatibility — ushers in a period of fights it ends.

It’s a transactional dynamic of people using fantasies of each other for sexual release.

A power, intoxicating energy — without question.

But since it fetishizes the other party, it depersonalizes them.

(hence the illuminati use of masks, to emphasize the energy exchange vs the individual… but I digress)

Anyway, I don’t have much of sales pitch for you today.

But it’s been a few days since we’ve spoken, and wanted to provide some ideas for you to ponder while you (Americans, at least) are fat on Turkey.

These cozy Holidays are always a reminder of the meaningful and enduring nature of love.

If wish you had a special woman to share them with… but don’t know how to attract or keep her… go here:

– Pat

PS Part 2 to the story is here, check it out…