One thing a lot of politicos talk about is the idea of “demography being destiny.”

Meaning that the people in a polity determine the fate of the polity.

(What sort of policies they’ll support, the country’s culture, etc.)

Controversial, to some.

But the idea is similar in dating.

To an extent, it doesn’t really matter what “game” you throw at girls provided you are in the right (or wrong) place.

The demographics of women you target simply determine what your dating life is going to look like.

It’s an anti-PUA thing to say, but what else is new.

I am too lazy to attempt to sell my wares to everybody. And similarly I was too lazy to try and track down every girl who would sleep with me.I preferred the low hanging fruit.

To have the girls come to me… and to have my advances happily received.

Which is why I encourage you to not simply focus on the micro (approaching + attracting women) but the macro (designing a life for yourself where women are automatically interested in you).

Because controlling the macro not only means you’ll have less work long-term, but it means you’ll meet girls who are more compatible to begin with.

For example:

If you’re a high-energy, sensory individual you might find yourself genuinely enjoying clubs.

But if you’re a mid-tier energy person who is more abstract, or more intellectual, clubs are going to be an environment that doesn’t serve you.

For instance, my game is heavily based on my wit and ability to pull inferences out about a girl, cold reading, interesting convo etc…

Club game, however, is very based on physicality and dance ability — two things that are not my forte. I get physical with a girl once I hook her, I don’t hook her by getting physical. And I simply suck at dancing.Club preselection is also about buying bottles and holding a table, so girls come to you for free drinks.

And the girls in clubs are either there to dance or have one night stands — neither of which I care much about.

So clubs wouldn’t be much my demographic.

(Art Museum, different story)

So that’s one criteria you want to consider with demographics. You want it to be a place that plays to your strengths.

(Not in the least bit because the women who go to said place will likely appreciate them)

And then we have the final criterion to consider: numbers.

So for instance: while more and more women are becoming “gamer” fan girls… video games remain an area where male interest overwhelmingly outnumbers female interest.

So if you’re trying to meet women, going to do video game cosplay places probably isn’t the right move.

Due to the demographic switch you’ll get a handful of attractive women who are mostly there just for attention, and who already have boyfriends… or you’ll get less beautiful women.

Contrast this with a yoga class, where the number of women is likely to be 5x the number of men, with many of said women being attractive.

So does this mean you should go to yoga classes to meet girls?

Maybe, if yoga is something of interest for you.

But if you hate yoga don’t do it. Because you have to balance out the numbers of girls in an environment vs your desire to be in an environment.

There are also a lot of vegan women but I’m not a vegan, so going to a vegan club to meet women would be pretty dumb.

Anyway, point is… I recommend you find places that have this intersection, and become a person who dominates this demographic.

Because high preselection in an environment with a lot of women = you dating a lot of women, without a lot of effort.

And if you want help discovering those ideal demographics for you, and developing a strategy to dominate them?

If you want to know how to become the “king” in a scene… and get women there without destroying your reputation?

(Because such things can happen if you’re not careful… with great power comes great responsibility… months of effort can be lost…)

Consider working with me.

I am both a strategist and tactician when it comes to women.

With me, you won’t only get the girls you want… you’ll get the life you’ve dreamed of.

And once you have that, boy does dating get easy…

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– Pat