Been observing something the last couple of months that’s incredibly fascinating.

When I saw it the first time, I considered it an exception. When I saw it the second time, a curiosity.

Now I’ve seen it 5+ times among my clients and it seems to be gaining speed. And so I’m taking this shift very very seriously.

What is this exactly?

The “nice guy” getting the girl over the asshole. And getting laid like crazy for it.

Bizarre, right? What exactly is going on?

First things first:

I am NOT advising guys be “nice” to get girls. These guys have had minimal experience with women prior to these events BECAUSE they had so many “nice” tendencies. They didn’t really know game, and struggled.

These scenarios are interesting precisely because they are not only anomalous, but seem to be a new trend altogether. This is my 6th year coaching… I hadn’t seen this before, and now in the past year I’ve seen it over and over again.

But I think I understand why it’s happening.

At any rate, the details… of which I’m generalizing, because these various examples are more or less the same.

You have a kind, sensitive, sexually inexperienced guy who avoids putting himself out there. And a girl who is very sexually experienced and takes the lead.

These girls are used to one-night-stands and sleeping with multiple guys.

And yet, contrary to typical “game advice” that would have them either hang with these sensitive guys as “friends” for comfort, while they continue with the “alpha fucks”… they are falling for them instead. Indeed, it’s the GUYS who are not sure about the whole thing.

There are a couple of basic explanations for this, and one weird one.

The basics are simple. These girls have had casual sex pretty much their entire lives. They’ve been “used and abused,” “pumped and dumped” — whatever crass term you want to use.

In other words, they are used to interactions with men who DON’T CARE ABOUT THEM.

Conventional manosphere retardation would indicate this means this is all they would ever care about. “Don’t be nice if you want to get her, she only is attracted to assholes”

And yet there is something these guys don’t seem to get.

These girls didn’t date “nice guys” and get bored of them, and are in a stage where they are looking for “alphas” and “excitement.”

Rather, they have experienced this detached “exciting,” “pornographic” sex their whole life. Dating to them has been an acting ritual, and sex one of the roles they’ve played.

To put it another way, these girls are emotionally numb. The hedonism doesn’t really do anything for them anymore.

But you know what does?

Having a guy treat them like they matter.

Hate to get all cheesy with you here. But I would encourage you to ponder this fact for a minute.

Despite their vast sexual experience, these women have pretty much never had an opportunity to be with a guy who actually cares about them.

Do you understand the significance of that? And the power it holds?

To go on a date with a guy, and feel like they could drop the mask for a little bit — to be cared for, and to feel loved is making these women melt.

It’s the power of comfort, and a reminder of that you can’t just focus on desire. If you have a woman’s emotions, you have her. And she needs that trust for her to really connect with you.

And yet, I’m going to go off on a limb here and suggest something even bigger is afoot here. Because the timing is uncanny, and it connects with a lot else…

As the earth shifts its frequency, hedonism is on its way out. Both men and women are falling out of the trace, and starting to heal.

I know, I know. In many ways degeneracy is more in your face than ever. Perhaps I seem naive. But is it really naive to think at lowest ebb of the water, that the tide is about to come in?

Understand: there is a reversal happening all across this planet right now. The boomerang is about to turn. And not just in the macro, but the micro.

Patterns people have been holding for years are suddenly being released.

And this includes these traumatized, promiscuous women who have spent their adult lives sleeping around, feeling numb. All of a sudden, they are opening themselves up to love.

Now, does that mean you should go wife one of these women up? Is that what I’m advocating?

No, it’s not. It is your choice as a man to decide whether you can carry a woman’s past with you.

But it is an observation about some broader trends going on.

And it bodes well for the other women out there who are less traumatized.

Because the less damage a woman has, the easier it is for her to heal.

So a little white pill for you gentlemen today.

And a friendly reminder that if you want the tools to meet, attract, and keep the woman of your dreams…

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Until next time,