A colleague on Twitter the other day commented about how “aspiring PUAs” would throw shade at him if, for instance, he hooked up with a girl because she invited him back to her place — and little work on his part was required.

He was somehow “fake” and “not really good at picking up women,” since women were picking up him instead.

Crazy, right?

Yet this is a pretty common issue with guys who get funneled through the “community.”

They think the more work it takes to get the girl, the more accomplished they are with women.

When really, it’s the reverse.

The mark of a guy good with women is that it’s effortless.

The women pursue him.

Yes, part of this might be preselection — things like wealth, fame, etc.

But in truth it’s deeper — it’s his vibe, his aura.

Women smell that he gets them. And she wants a piece.

Get the difference? It’s not work, it’s natural.

Remember: In life and dating, if what you’re doing is a struggle, it either means you a) it’s new to you and you don’t get it yet, or b) you’re doing it wrong.

At the end of it all, we study “game” to get women.

Not to simply be the best at “game.”

Peace out.

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