So yesterday I put out an email some might have considered harsh towards women who had “daddy issues.”

Which is why today I want to talk about something I have found to be an extreme issue with many of my clients… yet no one has talked about in our usual internet circles.

I’m referring to the male version of “daddy issues”… when a son has problems / lack of relationship with his father.

It’s a tragedy how common it is.

And how damaging it is.

Men who don’t bond with their fathers generally develop an over-attached relationship with their mothers… which similarly to women in the same situation, though through a different mechanism, minimizes their ability to connect with other women.

They become soft, “momma’s boys” who expect women to treat them as such… generally either becoming needy, or falling into a compartmentalization where they become seducers… sleeping with many women, yet not being able to commit or build with them.

These men tend to understand women and love them, yet demand validation from them… even if they do a good job minimizing the appearance of this by bringing new girls constantly into the rotation.

They don’t learn how to be a man (aka patriarch) from their father, so they become a fuck boi.

Which explains so much of the state of modern dating today.

You have insecure women who hate men, paired with insecure men who can’t commit to women.

A recipe for cheap sex and transactional interactions.

How to stop it?

Well, there is much we can do on a macro level to change the world.

But the change starts with you.

You need to heal the past trauma from a shit / non-existent relationship with your father.

And you can get a big head start with that by working with me.

I had to do it with my own father (we had a shit relationship, now we’re super close)

And I’ve helped scores of other clients achieve similar results, at the very least coming to terms with their dad.

Yes, this is possible with the right counsel, and frankly essential if you ever want to feel grounded in yourself… and to really be able to bond / lead women.

Which is important brother.Ignore the lost boys:

If you can’t commit to a woman, it’s not because you’re an alpha living out your “biological imperative.”

Alphas shack up with high genetic value women who are good mothers, and have children that later run society.

If you’re banging skanks you’re not alpha you’re a loser who doesn’t have any impact on the future.

Stop being a child, and get your inner work sorted out so you can actually start to matter.

Life is better when it has meaning.

Apply here to find some:

– Pat