One thing you see quite a bit today are the culturally enforced archetypes of the “strong, confident woman” and the guy “in touch with his sensitivity.”

Now, if you’re on this list I probably don’t have to explain too much of why this stuff is not to be emulated.

“Strong” women are weak, and “compassionate” guys are manipulative.

And neither party is particularly attractive to the opposite sex… because rather than create sexual polarity, they do everything in their power to minimize it.

But why is it such a problem that women are confident, and men are compassionate? Actually, there’s no problem with these things. They are good traits both sexes should aspire towards.

But they need to do so within the energy of their own respective feminine and masculine domains if they want them to be real.

Confused? Let me explain.

If you’ve been on the list the past couple of days, you saw we talked about the role of fathers when it comes to men and women.

Well, specifically with women… the reason women with a non-existent / poor relationship with their father tend to become “masculine” (and reject their femininity) is because they block off the capacity to receive the former energy from men and give them the latter.

Men, rightly, view these women as unattractive — they are abrasive and demanding… a far cry from the refreshing femininity men seek out in women.Yet it’s not simply or even this that is the problem, rather it’s that the women are like this and insecure at the same time.

Strange that a “confident” woman would in fact be so unconfident. But not so strange when you think about it.Her confidence is a persona — an act.

Because it is purchased at the cost of denying her own nature and deservedness to receive that energy from a man.

And it’s the same with the “new age” “compassionate” men who are in fact some of the most hateful and self-centered individuals you will see on this planet.

Which is why it’s not all so surprising that while these two inverted polarities will often end up together, their relationships aren’t exactly healthy.

The women still lust after masculine men, and the men still lust after feminine women.

But they compartmentalize such things in sexual terms.

(Hence why all sorts of “kinks” manifest themselves from these dynamics; many are unconscious leakages, attempting to compensate for dissatisfaction… others are reflections of their own degradation, such as BDSM and cuckoldry)

Heavy stuff, I know… you probably weren’t expecting so much from this email.

But some good news:If a woman embraces her femininity, and a man embraces his masculinity… something wonderful happens.

They gain the ability to expand beyond one-dimensional expressions of these energies.

Women become confident, knowing the power of the refreshment they offer to the world… and men become compassionate, knowing the burden of strength demands the protection of the weak.

How to get here?

Well, it’s going to be a long process for many of you. Society hasn’t exactly prepared men well.

Which is why you should consider working with me.

It’s just a fact that most of you men are dissociated from your masculinity.

You’re timid when it comes to the opposite sex. Questioning your ability to pursue what you want.

You’re “compassionate” — which would be fine, except you put the cart before the horse.

You need to get in touch with the animal within you.

You need to feel like you can go after the women you deserve.

And not only will I help you develop that internal feeling… but perhaps even more importantly…

I’ll show you how to find the women who are embodying that confident, feminine energy you want.

Women who are genuinely strong yet filled with love and play.

Women you can trust.

(A big trap… since many “feminine” women today use it as a way to simply trap men, using and abusing them soon thereafter…)

Anyway, enough talk.

Time for action.

Apply here:

– Pat