So catching up on old topics… last week I sent out this tweet re: stoicism:

It got mostly a good response, but a couple of people disagreed.

They found they did much better with women as they became more stoic.

Why the discrepancy?

Well, to an extent, it’s definitional.

Stoicism means different things to different guys.

Some think it just means “emotional control,” and thought I appended nihilism to the philosophy that didn’t exist.


If people feel like stoicism has improved their lives, good for them.

Most guys I SEE who apply it, however, apply it like spergs.

They don’t learn how to control their emotions so much as detach from them.

Which might make them “unfazed” when shit goes down, but it also makes them really boring… especially to women.

Truth is that I’ve never seen (in the real world, rather than the larp-osphere) a guy who identifies with stoicism do really well with women.

Women like emotional guys.

They like guys who make them FEEL something.

It’s why they’re drawn to artists, adventurers… people who have a zest and enthusiasm for life.

(Not the Marcus Aureliuses of the world, who remember was cucked by his wife)

Strength is important to women, but without this emotional component, it is purely a comfort mechanism.

It’s stability, but since it’s passively employed, it doesn’t give them any excitement… only security.

Guys who do well with women let go.

So while there are plenty of dudes out there who would benefit from a little less neuroticism and a little more composure…

Just as many, if not more, would see their problems with women dissolve if they just learned how to express themselves.

To do and say as they pleased, without so much concern for how they’re received.

What’s that? You feel like I’m talking about you?

Well, duh.

I know from working with well over 100+ guys in a professional capacity how much this “personality repression” is a problem.

How many guys close themselves off, trying to be perfect… and fail to be anything in the process.

It kills their chances with women.

And, has rebound effects pretty much everywhere else in their life too.

Career, mental and physical health…


If you want to stop hiding, to stop being afraid…

There is a way. A way that will change you in months instead of years…

Working with me.

There’s only one catch.It requires you to take a big jump on your own first.

Filling this out:

And then, if we’re a good fit… putting some money up front for a lifetime investment in yourself.

No, it ain’t cheap… but the returns more than compensate for the deposit.

(It’s no coincidence my clients routinely experience career / income upgrades even as we focus on women…)

See you winners on the inside…

– Pat