So as many of you guys know, one of my most distinct and powerful concepts I’ve pushed is the idea of “friend-zoning” women.

For those who don’t know, this is basically making a woman — and yes, often an attractive woman — your friend rather than pursuing her romantically. The goal being to “plant seeds” and gain access to her friend group, rather than burn the lead when there is not a high ROI /likelihood of something romantic occurring.

(This is a key component of effective social circle game, something I go into in detail in Module 4 of my masterclass)

But what sort of female friends will you get from this strategy?

The truth is it depends. Not all women “friendzone” the same way, or bear the same fruit.

So let’s take a look at them.

Type #1 – The Partner In Crime

This “Top Tier” female friend is gold standard — one where you guys actually have pretty good chemistry. You get a long well and enjoy each others company.

These girls might have been solid romantic prospects… except for a little something that was missing. Perhaps this is a matter of her not being your type physically, or just the spark isn’t there.

Nevertheless you have a close and casually flirtatious relationship with these girl-friends. But it’s more playful and doesn’t skirt into the sexual.

The value in these girls is they are down with your social agenda. They tend to have a lot of friends themselves, and are either invested in inviting you or co-hosting events. Even if their circle is smaller though, they will always show up when you host something and often bring people.

In short, they are reliable and make a big impact in social circle and ability to meet other women. These girls will be around ~15% of the women you friend-zone — but will generate ~60% of the new women you meet in your social circle.

Type #2 – The Hidden Hook Up

These girls are a bit different than Type #1, although there are some overlap with them.

With these girls, there is physical attraction *and* sexual tension. But, there is not enough of an emotional or conversational connection for you to want to date them.

Choosing to “friendzone” these girls rather than hook up with them early on is thus a matter of personal preference and tactical consideration.

The fact is sometimes while there is some flirtatious energy between the two of you, it may not be the right time. She’s usually attracted but not enough to be sold given the broader social considerations. Trying to close quickly may thus be counterproductive or undesirable.

Personally, I would not try to close when I’d meet these girls usually. I’d make them my “friends” and invite them to events, and tell them to bring friends.

They would usually do this — though not to the extent as Type #1. And unlike with Type 1, *they* would be the ones flirting with you more, rather than her friends.

What you would find is that their availability to attend would reflect their romantic openness at that time. If there was another guy in the picture, they would tend not to show up (though not necessarily!)

A lot of your dynamics with these girls were thus “cat and mouse” type of games. You’d flirt, there would be teasing and sexual tension. But it could take months until a clear window where she was interested in escalating would open up. Generally you would be this girl’s “rebound” or go-to if she was going through a dry spell.

These girls would correspond heavily with the Tier 3 girls from this post. There was always a context to her being willing to hook up with you.

But the funny thing is it would almost always happen over a long enough period of time.

If Type 1 friendships were solidified on comfort, Type 2 ones were based on desire. They were more frivolous, but would lead to a hook up far more often.

These girls are also around ~15% of the women you’d friend-zone — but you might only meet around ~10% of new girls through them. They usually come solo or with one other friend — and she’s not much of a target; the girl is saving you for herself.

Type #3 – The Filler Female

The last type of girl you’d friend-zone is the lowest ROI. You do it mostly because there are no other options and there can be positive upsides.

These girls you don’t have a ton of chemistry with. Mostly some friendly banter. They are usually only somewhat open to you — closer to acquaintances than friends.

But, you friend zone them and “assume rapport” because a) they are attractive and would be good “female bodies” to have when you throw parties, and b) there is an outside chance over a long enough period they’ll start to warm up to you.

These girls will be a solid ~70% of the girls you friend zone, but will generate only ~30% of new leads.

The reason for this is simple: while these girls will commonly bring friends when you do invite them (because they are not so close to you), most of them will not show up when you invite them — and even when they do, it’s not consistent. So while they make up most of the women you will friendzone, they play an inconsistent role in your social circle.

So why bother with them at all? Because not only do these women keep the social group from being stale, they are the biggest organic source of new women who will come to events. Indeed, “one night stands” at parties predominantly come from the girls these friends bring with them. They are usually from out of town, and are just looking for a good time.

Anyway a little overview of what to expect when you apply friend zoning in practice. Guarantee it is one of the most powerful strategies to exercise in your dating life.

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