I talked about this on Twitter awhile back, and have been meaning to elaborate on it:

The first reaction from a lot of guys, upon seeing this, was the usual cynical frustration you see so often in our corner.

“Typical woman, leaving when things get rough”

“Hypergamy doesn’t care”

But there was an alternative take:

“Seems like the husband know how good he’s got it with his wife to me. Trying to save the marriage despite him having fallen down”

What do I think?

Well, I am quick to call a spade a spade.

However, I think there is actually EQUAL blame to go around in this case.

Here’s why…

Yes, it’s true, this woman is playing with fire. Claims of her being a “good woman” are way too generous. If she were really trying to avoid the situation… she would quit the classes, and tell the other guy that’s she’s married and to fuck off.

Instead, she’s falling for the first attractive guy to give her attention.

She’s “writing in” not for *actual* advice on how to resist, but in hopes for some sort of justification that what she’s doing is OK.

She starts going to the gym, some guy who is obviously in it just to fuck makes a move… and it tempts her?

The solipsism is off the charts.

That said, none of this stuff ever happens in a vacuum.

This woman is being tempted because her husband (and indeed her relationship) has been stagnant for awhile.

We can’t be certain, because all we have is her testimony…

But the gist seems to be: the guy lost his job, and hasn’t been able to pull himself together since. Perhaps she’s even carrying the financial weight in the relationship.

He’s been defeated by circumstance, and has become complacent.

Which I shouldn’t have to remind you is the WORST place to be in with a woman.

Some guys think that women can’t stand failure. But while they don’t like it when you fail… that’s not the real issue for them…

What women can’t stand is a guy who can’t GET BACK UP.

A guy who is LOW ENERGY.

My guess is that this woman is tired of her guy doing the bare minimum. There hasn’t been passion or real desire for years.

And so when she decided to finally do something to improve herself… what she really did was begin the process of leaving the relationship.

This charming guy at class plays a role… but it’s less about him, and more about circumstance. She was looking for someone like him, and if it wasn’t him, it would be someone else.I know, some may say this whole thing on her end is callous. Her husband took a turn for the worse, and this is how she acts? Sure, this is true.

But gents that’s just the way women operate.

They are very, VERY unforgiving of guys who get broken down.

A “good woman” is one who goes against her nature… who picks up the slack, tries to maintain the positivity. And who doesn’t jump at the first sign of a better deal.

Not this.This is an average woman.

But this is also an average man.

Hence why this outcome is so predictable.

How to stop it for yourself?

Well, pretty simple…


And no, that doesn’t just have to do with acting complacent and lazy like this guy did…

But something arguably more important.

Something that not too many guys, unfortunately, know:

Learning how to spot women who are inclined for such dishonest behavior… and how to detect the signs they’re most likely to commit said acts.

The sad truth is most dudes — even if they manage to pull themselves up and un-fuck their mindset — lack the awareness to read people and situations.

They lack what I call DISCERNMENT.

The good news?

I teach it… and much more.

And the best part?

If you learn it, you won’t ever have to worry about infidelity.

Because you’ll see the pieces moving before even she does.(And you’ll be able to intervene, or “next” her accordingly)

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– Pat