As many of you know, I’m not one of the more “responsible” manosphere figures.

I do not adhere to the stoic philosophy so much as the epicurean — I drink, celebrate, flaneur — life for me is about joie de vivre, spontaneity… not so much regimentation.

Which I know will not resonate, at least not fully, with everybody reading this.

And yet, someone needs to play the role of partier around here. Someone needs to provide a necessary balance to all of that discipline.

Which is why I come to you today with some advice on how to maintain a reputation and lifestyle as the “life of the party” — even once you are in a serious relationship, and indeed, even once you have a family.

In other words:

I am going to show you how you can maintain a vibrant social life even as the halcyon days of your youth recede.

You see, most people unfortunately think “partying” is a thing of college, or maybe slightly post-college.

It’s house parties with drunk, pretty girls looking to get lucky, and drinking games.

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All of that is well and good.

Once you get a girlfriend, however, the mindless shitshow-ness of these parties begins to lose its allure (half the fun, after all, was trying to hook up)… and eventually, as children enter the picture, fall out of the picture entirely.

While this is good and natural, however, unfortunately many act like the fun is OVER once they decide to “adult.”

They become BORING, watching netflix after a long hard day of work, retreating into their comfortable bubbles.

They stop seeing people. They conflate responsibility with routine.

Fortunately, I did not grow up in such a family.

My parents are socialites, involved in regular organizations across South Jersey and Philadelphia. So they never fell into the trap of self-isolating.

But they don’t simply attend big events in the city, they throw parties for their friends and family at their home.

So, 1-2 times each month we have a large family gathering.

The excuse is generally religious or birthday, but others (like the Kentucky Derby) have found their way sneaking in.

The table is set elegantly. People dress accordingly.

White wine or champagne is served, with hours d’ouvres.

Followed by red wine and dinner, presents if appropriate, and then dessert.

These are 12-20 person events that brings adults together, but also sets traditions for kids.

And while libations flow freely, it’s not a SHIT SHOW.

My wife and I have taken this tradition to NYC, hosting couples for dinner in a similar manner. Everyone LOVES it, and our close friends have begun to reciprocate.

And when we have a bigger place, next year in Poland, we intend to go BIG – taking advantage of birthdays, national & religious holidays, and seasonal shifts to throw parties.

Surprisingly, I don’t see too much of this from other people in my age bracket.

Probably some of it has to do with lack of religiosity. But there’s nothing stopping you from putting your own touch on it, or doing something secular (remember Festivus?). The point is to BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER.

Festivities are a thing of life. Find excuses to regularly have them.

And if you do?


– you’ll become the leader of your social groups and extended family
– you’ll be grounded and excited throughout the seasons of the year
– you’ll have countless memories with those you love

And the icing on the cake?

Your woman will be more hot and more devoted to you than ever.

Because you’re keeping your lives exciting… all while building deeper and deeper connections.


If some of the other issues between you and her are getting in way, and you want to get past them fast

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– Pat