Gonna keep this one super short, as it’s Christmas Eve and this weekend is a time to relax with family. But wanted to tell you briefly about this simple productivity hack:

Writing down your goals.

Lol I know. Extremely basic. Not what you’d expect from yours truly.

But that’s because I’m selling you something, and this email is a bare-ass-naked promotion.

My brother-in-law recently bought a company that produces something called the “Pursuit Goal Journal.”

Basically, it’s a 6 month, undated journal that really helps you to focus in on not simply your goals, but your priorities in reaching them. It’s designed to help you crystalize your thinking and organize your efforts.

In short, it is both a “tactical and strategic” manual for success.

Which is why I bought it. As it’s different than most of the “productivity journals” I’ve seen, which frankly suck, and have led me to simply use blank pages.

(Ok, I also bought because it’s my brother-in-law – what do you expect)

Anyway, here’s a 1 min video of him explaining it better than me. He bought the company because the product helped him in his own career so much, which is certainly an endorsement.