Intuitive Vs Cold Approaching

Interesting thread from Nash about a dating guru the other day: Full disclosure: I’m not familiar with any of Zan’s work, though I have heard of him before. His book The Alabaster Girl was recommended to me years back by a very artistic PUA, but I never ended up picking up. What Nash says above about Zan is pretty

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The Worst Ranking For A Woman

Today’s topic is a little spicy. We’ll be talking about the classic “1-10” ranking system that guys have for girls. And what the “Pat Stedman” version is… and why it matters. But before we go in: I know women hate this. Sorry. Not much else I can say though. This is a natural way men

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Are All Women Meant To Be Wives?

A controversial tweet came on the timeline today, with perhaps an even more controversial answer: What do I think? It’s not really a hard answer… NO not all women are meant to wives. Honestly it’s a bit tedious that we even need to rehash this. It’s a mind-virus that exists in many trad men and women.

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The Escort Archetype

The great Nash linked this old story of his on Twitter the other day, where he talks about a date with a girl who was well out of his comfort zone: The girl’s energy reminded me of a story I read a few years back, which I would struggle to find now, about a genuine escort detailing

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