The other day I received a message from a guy I respect, and used to do some work with. He was complimenting me on some of the writing I’ve done in the “red pill” community to push back against some of the more “divisive” rhetoric that gets bandied about, and appreciated my nuanced takes.

Now, the truth is that this guy and me probably still disagree on a lot. I learned a lot from him, but we have fundamentally different ethos’s.

But, I’m not going to lie — it was an auspicious sign.

Unlike many in this age of un-reason, he’s a smart man and far from a radical.

If the things I am saying are resonating with people outside of the “community” like him, that means I am doing my job right: integrating ideas, and “mainstreaming” some of the more fundamental ones.

Why do I mention this?

Is it an attempt for me to subtly brag?

Who knows what my subconscious intended when I wrote that.

Consciously, though my point is far more basic.

In life, judge yourself by the sane, not the crazy.

It’s an important adage, especially when it comes to women.

An example:

One thing you can almost guarantee, without exception, is that if you break up with a crazy girl, she is going to say bad things about you. Both to your face and behind it.

Most guys laugh this off, but secretly it still bothers them.

“Dude she’s nuts, I can’t believe she said that stuff about me, especially when she was the one who…”

I get it, half the fun of dating are the stories, and crazy chicks provide some of the best ones. No judgment here. It also helps to vent.

But really, who cares?

The crazy are going to crazy. Why would you expect anything different from them? By getting upset over a crazy person’s behavior, does that not make you a little crazy? In fact, what does it say about you that you even dated her? Something to ponder…


I do a lot of walking in my other work, and one way I pass the time is by is by using audible to “read” books.

The book I am currently listening to is Jung: Memories, Dreams, Reflections.

This book is a killer — and not what I was expecting. I had no idea of the paranormal shit Jung went through, and can now clearly see why Jordan Peterson is not only influenced, but haunted by some of the things Jung discovered.

One thing he talks about is how thoughts, indeed, psychosis, spreads like viruses. There is an energy to them that moves from person to person. As a result, you have to be very careful when dealing with patients that you do not fall into their world, and adopt some of their own psychological pathology. Your frame must be strong and absolutely clear.

You can see this in the cloud of negative energy in the world today, how it’s been taking in people (for fucks sake man, turn off the news!) — and you can also see it if, like me, you do coaching with guys.

Indeed, I’ve over the years half of how I benefit my clients is by them gaining access to my frame; consuming my psychic energy for themselves. If you coach correctly, this transfusion acts as a recolonization of the mind, so even after the coaching relationship is over they can grow this psychic energy in themselves.

The point of this rambling?

To reinforce the idea that you should not only take the opinions of the deluded with a grain of salt, but actively avoid them unless you have done proper mindset training.

You need to think of engaging such people as you would engaging a room of people infested with tuberculosis or SARS.

(And you need to ask yourself if you are not also infected should you want to engage with them)

Fact is, if you are not one of the lucky ones to be vaccinated (and I do believe some people are inherently more resistant to the delusions of the crowds), you will fall into their negative energy. And they will throw you psychologically off, even if they don’t quite bring you down to their level.

This has been a long email so we’ll leave it here. Beware of crazies, especially the women, if you want to stay sane yourself. And if your environment is particularly toxic?

Well, get out of it.

But also find someone who can help provide a different way of thinking.

Someone like yours truly.

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Till next time,