The Red Pill

Female Vindictiveness

One of the the common scenarios I deal with in my practice is divorce. Guys come to me either too late in their marriage — they have “terminal relationship cancer” — and there is nothing to do but prepare them for the “afterlife.” Or, they come to me as it’s happening or just after, looking

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Why Nice Guys Are Evil

Read a harrowing story on Twitter the other day: It’s a long thread… you can go through the details yourself. But to TL;DR… this woman was dating a man and became pregnant with his child. Because she (African) was from a different background than him (Pakistani), however, his culture wouldn’t accept her. And so, while

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Four Doors Your Whores

Something very interesting was reported the other day after the Rittenhouse trial. It turned out that the girlfriend of one of the guys Kyle shot (in self-defense) was “sympathetic” to what Kyle was going through and “offered to be there for him if he needed it.” She then, after testifying, passed him her number in

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