The Red Pill

Am I Becoming A Feminist?

Gonna harp a little more on the hypergamy fixation again today. Not, as I’ve repeatedly emphasized, because it’s not true. Because there’s something a lot of people miss when they talk about it. Most consider hypergamy an indication of female amorality. I think you can argue this, fairly. But then you have to also look

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In Defense of the Red Pill

“People afraid of the next level idealize the one beyond it.” I tweeted this out the other day, but it was vague, and I think went over most people’s heads… so let’s explore it more here. One thing I’ve noticed is that most people when confronted with a problem do NOT try to solve it.

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What Is #Upstream?

WHAT IS #UPSTREAM? There have been a lot of comments and questions about #UpstreamTwitter in recent days — what it entails, what we stand for, what we hope to achieve. We appreciate the interest. But I’ll admit, although the the group nominated me to take a stab at it — these aren’t easy questions to

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The Way Forward

THE WAY FORWARD In case you missed it, there were some great thoughts by La Playboy in response to my article on the ultimate imperative. Basically, La Playboy took issue with my emphasis on marriage, making the point that most men already prefer to have a family, and that for the rest, there are alternative

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The Ultimate Imperative

THE ULTIMATE IMPERATIVE If you’ve been around our corner of the internet, you’ve probably heard the term “feminine imperative” — coined by the highly influential and insightful Rollo Tomassi — thrown around. For the uninitiated, the feminine imperative is essentially the execution of a woman’s sexual strategy: to sleep with a man who is dominant

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