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In Defense of Rollo Tomassi

In Defense of Rollo Tomassi As many, if not most of you, know — I’ve had a long, not-so-cordial history with Rollo Tomassi. Those who aren’t caught up can see an anthology of our history here, dating back to summer 2017: Pt 1: The Ultimate Imperative Pt. 2: The Way Forward Pt. 3: What Is

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Am I Mean To Men?

As many of you saw, the last two days have been a bit of a clusterfuck on twitter. Red Pill guys have been coming out of the woodworks to express indignation at my apparent lack of sympathy for the myriad men who have been fucked over by women. Look: it’s not that I don’t have

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Building My Army of Betas?

I was about halfway through an article on Introverted Feeling (Fi) vs Extroverted Feeling (Fe) in seduction, when I bailed. This happens from time to time with writing. I have an idea, and think it will be great (Extroverted intuition) And then I apply my critical lens to it (Introverted thinking) and realize I just

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The Ethical Player

Another day, another big Twitter argument with “that” corner of the internet. And all because of a little bitty quote of mine from Monday’s email Rivelino (@alpharivelino) sent out: “Ethical players must stay away from decent girls, or must change their ways and date them seriously. You are scum otherwise, no matter what you tell

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