So as many of you who follow me saw, we had another little spat with the red pill guys last night.

Not sure exactly how it happened. I haven’t mentioned them in ages.

Think a fan might have tagged them in a thread calling them out on my behalf (thanks dude lol).

At any rate, I’m not complaining. They’re the best publicity a guy could ask for.

But I’m not going to talk much about the drama… believe it or not I’m pretty over it (scroll my timeline if you care to peek)

Let me explain to you why.

(Apologies for newcomers on the list if this stuff makes no sense. Below is a brief recap — followed by the insights)

When the (#Upstream) crew and I brought up stuff with the red pill in mid-2017, we were pretty much out in no man’s land. Those guys had a lot of clout — we were minor figures in the community. And our ideas were revolutionary based on the current consensus.

But though we got tons of shit even from people we knew SHOULD be on our side at the time… gradually people’s understanding of relationships started to shift our way.

(Yeah, I’m going to brag but it’s stating a fact. We shifted the Overton Window.)

Within a year of July 2017 (when my first post questioning Rollo was dropped) the conversations on Twitter changed dramatically away from Red Pill dogma.

In fact, I no longer believe they are taken seriously by the average man in our corner of the internet.

It will be remembered that the Red Pill’s high water mark was the 21 Convention September 2018. Since then, the authority of the group has diminished massively. Despite enormous pressure from across the spectrum for us to “debate” this fall, they refused — even with the neutral and incredibly reasonable Alexander Cortes offering to moderate.

That was a turning point because even allies had to admit that these guys were no longer comfortable spreading their ideas out in the open field. It was that moment they turned from a group whose ideas were spreading to a group turning inward for self-protection. Their only recruits now are men firmly “MGTOW” camp or otherwise permanently traumatized by their experiences with women.

In other words, the group is self-selecting into a pool of men who truly have deep hate in their hearts for women… as well as increasingly men who don’t have this same issue.

Sound familiar?

The Red Pill guys have become the male equivalent of third wave feminists.

On Thursday I wrote a little thread in response to a woman who was upset men looked up to male role models instead of women (we’ll talk more about this another time).

And it got a lot of traction.

Because one of the big things I mentioned was that these women were miserable because they kept trying to police what us MEN did instead of focusing on themselves.

Instead of looking for female role models for them, they demanded WE have them.

The reason being: these women envy men and wish they could be them. But know inside they can’t.

So they try to bring other men down, to disrupt male friendships by inserting themselves and calling close male attachments “gay,” and by overall encouraging feminization among men.

The Red Pill guys do these same things except in reverse.

They hate women because they wish they could be them.

No “burden of performance.”

Not having to try to get laid.

To have cultural institutions defending them.

To get love, protection, and money from men.

It’s why they are obsessed with how promiscuous modern women have become all while obsessing upon sleeping with women.

They think the world is unfair because women get to be women and men don’t.

Which is why the group is filled with deselected men who have given up.

Now, I’m about to say some stuff that’s harsh.And I DON’T want you to think these traits are a rag on you if some apply… because while they may hold you back, they can be overcome or compensated for… and don’t determine your success with women.

I’m mentioning them re: the red pill guys because they have used them to create a victim mindset.

Understand, the vast majority of the “leaders” in that community are:

– unattractive
– socially awkward

And have had moments where they were severely damaged by women, and unconsciously think it occurred because women were too superficial to look past these traits.

You have to realize… a lot of these men were literally “cucked.” Their wives or exes cheated on them, moving on to a “higher value” male and in many cases devastated their lives.

It’s why they love to say the same thing is happening to me. It’s a trauma loop they continue reliving.

In their minds, it’s only thanks to the red pill that they’re safe from that fate.

Therefore anyone who disbelieves the red pill is guaranteed to have the same things occur that happened to them (it makes them feel better to know it’s about women in general, not them).

What they don’t get, of course, is that the red pill only protects them in so far as it gives them a justification to never get close to a woman again.

Of course if you keep women at arm’s length, you’re safe.

But that’s not brave.

That’s being a pussy.

That’s stolen valor, avoiding the war yet pretending you fought.

Like the fat obnoxious feminist who makes a big deal about “male gaze” (even as she wishes she received it) these guys are scared, middle aged men who hate women yet can’t help but be obsessed with them.

Which is why I’m going close this out by being very, very direct with you.

As a man you have to choose your mentors carefully.Ideas and energy from others, but especially authority figures, trickle into your unconscious, affecting how you behave.

Ask yourself very carefully whether you want to follow a bunch of 40 year old men who spend their days trashing women and gossiping about guys who don’t join them.

Mark my words: the world is in the midst of a spiritual crisis.It is looking for leaders to renew the culture.

These men are part of the problem, not the solution.

They will rot your soul and strip from you happiness.

I recently busted a client out of the friendzone, and these sick sick people laughed about it.


Because they are miserable individuals who want you to be miserable too.

My client is with a woman he loves now. They’re having awesome sex.I expect things will become only more wonderful for them.

These guys would have taken this from him.

They find it FUNNY that a guy might love a woman.

Fuck that.And fuck you too if you agree.

You are in the WRONG place.

I am here to give you the powers to attract high-quality women, but beyond even that, to build a meaningful life for yourself. Some of you may need to learn to get laid. I am not a dogmatic, and I understand this importance of this part of the journey very well.

But getting laid will never make you really happy gents.

It’s just step one… and be wary of guys who get stuck on step one.

The real magic happens when you transcend that and start focusing your energies on making an impact in the world. On things that last.

Which is why the guys I work with are guys who long-term want depth in their relationships instead of cheap transactional “notches.”

Short-term, you want to date more women? Want to experience a “harem?”

That’s cool man. I’ll get you there.

But your attitude towards women needs to fundamentally geared towards quality over quantity.

If you’re one of those men, apply here:

– Pat