February 2020

Stuck Hooking Up With An Ex

A reader writes in: Hey Pat — I’d like some advice on an ex girlfriend. I’m an INTP and enneagram type 5 if that may help. Personally, I don’t have much trouble getting girls or having sex with them but my ex (only girl I have been a relationship with in the last 5 years […]

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What To Do When A Girl Flakes

A tweet went viral the other day, which led to some pretty interesting differences in opinion: As you might have expected, a lot of guys — including yours truly — were throwing it back at her. This woman cancelled minutes before a date and thought the guy had a problem because it bothered him. You will hardly

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The Two Types Of Rejection

Was talking to a client last week, and he brought up an interesting problem. First, a little context: This client is crushing it with women. He’s a day game monster, approaching very often 20+ women each week. He shows up weekly to calls, is honest and introspective, and takes enormous action. He’s not at an elite

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