One of the great manosphere memes is how modern women are all whores who sleep around.

The truth?

Well, I’ll let Hutt tell you:

This is something I’ve touched upon in the past. But it bears seriously repeating… because it completely skews people’s understanding of reality.

20% of the women account for 80% of the notches.

Yes, the average for women has gone up. And you can expect most women to have experienced a one night stand or a casual sexual partner throughout their lifetime. Culture promotes this, and women — even more so than men — are products of the culture.

But despite programming most women do not prefer this, and they are not responsible for the overwhelming majority of easy notches out there. The women responsible for this are the women who have always been responsible for it: the “loose” women.

(Indeed, the “sexual liberation” was basically these women cleverly connecting their own desire to be promiscuous with the overall “oppression” of women, so they could get a free pass — which is especially fascinating, given that women have always been the biggest constrainers of each other’s sexuality.If you doubt this, go visit a high school — and see how the girls treat each other)

The point is that most “players” are not really as impressive as they make themselves out to be.

Promiscuous girls go out with the intention of getting laid, and go into environments that make it easy to get laid (bars, places with alcohol, etc).

All a “player” needs to score with these girls is to look halfway decent, know when to make moves, and not say too much stupid stuff.

Now, I don’t say this to diminish one’s accomplishments with women. You showed up, you took action, and you deserve credit for the “lay.”

But it’s a reminder that so much of the seduction process is completely outside of your control.

Nick Sparks claimed it was 60-70%, and I agree.

If a girl is in the wrong place (physically or mentally) to casually hook up, or doesn’t like doing it in general — your chances of doing it with her are very low.

If she’s in the right place, and has a habit of doing it — your chances are very high.

Which is why advanced game isn’t so much about what you do, but who you screen for.

It’s situational awareness.

Finding out which girls are down — and giving them the experience they need to say yes. NOT trying to convert every girl.

Because the reality is most girls are either not going to be interested in it that moment, or even ever.

Most women aren’t whores. Most of them are shyly keeping to themselves or are in relationships with guys and “off the market.”

The “sluts” you see are the same girls getting passed around. You’re just in a big city, and don’t realize it.

Anyway, the great thing about discernment is that it can be used in either way.

Depending on your goals, you can use it to see which girls are “hook up” material. Or, to determine which one could be a future wife.

Which is one of the assets in working with me. Because I not only provide you with nuclear-grade discernment, and objectivity (when you’re “lost in the sauce” and can’t think clearly cause you want a girl).

I teach it to you.

So you’ll have enough knowledge in a few months to get by without me.

If you’re interested, apply here:

– Pat