Last week I did something very “bad” from a business perspective, you might say.

It was Valentine’s Day weekend, and yet I didn’t write out an in depth post talking about what you should do.

There were a couple of reasons for this. But the main reason?

I didn’t want to.

Now, not because I’m one of those “haters” who can’t stand this hallmark holiday. I enjoy it… and I think the contrarianism against anything mainstream gets really overdone in the manosphere.

But I wanted to reassess my relationship with it nevertheless, and didn’t want to “perform.” So I took the day off in multiple respects.

I didn’t get my wife anything this year, or take her out. No flourishes. I wrote her a handwritten love letter instead.

(That said, I was very happy to “receive” when she took me out to a tasting menu at a high-end french restaurant in NYC and a classical music concert, got me a device that gives me foot massages when I’m at my desk, and did a few other things I won’t go into detail about 😉

And with the exception of a tweet, I said NOTHING about the holiday.

But now I’m refreshed and want to make a little note about it, and why — to the extent that it does at all — it matters.

Valentine’s Day is the end of the winter holiday season.

Those who are up in NYC know, of course, Spring doesn’t start until April — even in mild winters such as this one.

But the cuddle-up holiday season that began at Thanksgiving ends NOW.

Now we are in the lead-up to Spring.

And this has some very relevant implications.

You see, Spring is the beginning of the MATING season.I know — humans (hopefully) have sex all year long. But there is a reason other species focus their breeding in the Spring and Summer… and why even we tend to “do it” a bit more as the sun comes out.

And no, it’s not because women are showing more skin, and are in sundresses baring their arms and legs — though this is related.

It’s because we get Vitamin D from the Sun, and Vitamin D is a crucial element in testosterone production.

As the sun emerges more and more, pay attention to your drive and how you feel. There is a VERY good chance you will have more energy, need to sleep less, and will want to fuck more.

October-February I tend to sleep 8-9 hours per night; by the peak of summer I’m often fine with 7 or even less.

And I am DEFINITELY more horny.

But the point is not about me…

It’s that this increase in sexual energy is occurring everywhere, to every woman.

They are coming out of SEXUAL HIBERNATION.Understand: many women took a break from dating after Christmas, maybe only coming out again at Valentine’s Day.

They took January off to stop drinking and work out more, so they could look better and feel ready for the next 1-3 months, when the sun is out and their libido increases.

Now they are ready to date and make 2020 the year where they meet their guy.

Anyway, I mention all of this for a very obvious reason.

Because as the sun emerges, you want to be ready to take in this new “crop” of ladies.

And the best way to be ready?

Pretty simple:

Work with me.

And truly there is no better time than now. Because we can get your mindset right, your skills honed, and your momentum going… so when the season starts to crest in April you are already geared up to capitalize on it.

You can apply here:

– Pat