The other day I tweeted a thread about The Red Pill (TRP) applying primarily to damaged women, and won’t work for emotionally healthy girls… though indicated within it that *most* women are indeed damaged, and that the number of these is growing.

Subsequently, a follower made an observation:

“This point seems undermined by your admission below that most women are “damaged” in this way.  Thus, “[m]ost of TRP theory is based on interacting with [most] women.””

My retort:

Yes, if you want to be average TRP is for you.

I know this argument operates in nuance so I want to break it down.

Fundamentally in life, given a set of resources, there’s a tradeoff between choosing quantity and quality.

As a smart guy, you have two objectives:

– Increase the resources
– Choose the appropriate balance between quality and quantity

Pretty much everybody can agree on #1, but #2 is subjective and has some degree of context requirements. You may want three decent meals a day instead of one very high quality one (or you might not). And you might NEED two average cars instead of one high-end vehicle.

But in my perspective, if you can swing it, quality > quantity.

As an example, I’ve traveled all around South America, living out of a bag. I have zero regrets about this amazing experience. But if you were to ask me if I wanted to the same thing now, I would say no.

My best friend, who did something similar in India, feels the same. Now, we would like to go someplace for awhile and really have the chance to be grounded.

Most backpacking just lands you in places for too short of a time. You got a glimpse of what a place was like, but didn’t really have the chance to experience what the culture had to offer. Indeed, to the extent that you got any experience of culture, it was as a consumer. Check the boxes, move on to the next thing, leaving none the wiser.

So it applies to women.

TRP is a quantity driven philosophy towards women. It is a strategy that applies to a majority of women, and applies if you are trying to date multiple women.

It’s not a strategy that works if you want to go deeper with a woman, and establish a very strong bond with her.

An example:

I was chatting last night with a close friend of mine I haven’t seen a few years, ever since he moved out west. Back in the day we used to go out a LOT however, and I consider him one of my two real mentors with dating women.

Anyway, as we were catching up, I asked about one particular character we used to spend a lot of time with… and that he incidentally still talks to.

This guy was the quintessential PUA — obsessed with his “lay count,” a hard-seller, went out pretty much every night to game, even dabbling in the crazy outfit props.

He had a “quantity mindset” — hook up with the girl, get the notch, move on.

And his life today reflects that mindset.

To give you an example, this guy used to work in the aerospace industry. Made 200k+ per year, doing very little work. He’s extremely intelligent.

His need to lay lots of women, however, led him to be delinquent on his job.

Soon he was unemployed.

But that was ok — more time to game. He got involved with the guys at RSD, and moved out to Vegas to live in a “PUA house” — basically a big scam where he’d convince guys to come out and live with him (pay the rent + more) in exchange for “gaming advice” (he would usually just try to bang the girls these acolytes brought home).

This went on until he had a falling out with RSD, and soon after caught a sexual assault charge.

He got off with probation, but soon was found out by a journalist and started getting some bad press.

After laying low for a bit, he started a PUA site of his own — which I shit you not — focused on targeting drunk fat girls since they were easiest to “pull.”

This lasted about a month until he two of his hires went to jail for rape and he got some more bad press.

He moved abroad, and then lost all of his belongings because he tried to scam a prostitute, and her pimp went after him — he had to flee the country.

Now he’s in the south banging women so disgusting it’s apparently hard to tell from naked ass shots whether they’re obese men.

On the bright side? He’s apparently surpassed 750+ “notches.”

Ok, I know this guy is an extreme example.

But he’s also a cautionary tale.

He’s what happens when you focus on the lowest common denominator: quantity at all costs.

The dirty secret of the hard-core “game oriented” guys is that the women they hook up with, if not physically disgusting, are mentally fucked up.

We’re talking sugar babies, prostitutes, drug addicts.

It’s a slippery slope my friends.

And the further down you go, the more TRP applies. At a certain depth it really does become the only way.

But at the higher levels? It collapses.

(Read: The 5 Tiers of Women)

Anyway, we’ll go into that more later.

But for now, ask yourself: what do you want?

I made a choice early into my dating experience that I was going to abstain from one night stands if it was viable to hook up with the girl later.

I went towards “harem” dating which had greater depth.

Eventually, however, even these multiple LTRs weren’t enough.

And so I decided on one woman who I thought would make a great partner.

Quality over quantity.

One of the best decisions I ever made…

And if YOU want help increasing the quality of women in your life?

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– Pat