Another short email for you today. Slogging away on the big report I’ll be dropping in the next few months.

So about damaged girls.

We all know they aren’t worth it. Not so interesting, I know. Whether they cheat on you or simply make your life a living hell with energy-draining behavior, they are best to avoid.

But what exactly is the threshold of “too damaged”?

Everybody has some trauma. Everyone’s fucked up a little.

But there is a clear point when a girl is past the point of no return. What is it?

When she makes it impossible for you to meet her needs.

Or more specifically, when she needs both comfort and desire from you at the same time. And yet rejects either of these because they’re not the other.

I’ll give an example…

One of my clients the other week started talking to a stripper.

Now, you might think “Stop right there. That’s all I need to know. She’s too damaged.”

Truthfully, you’d be right 9/10 times. And this isn’t the 1/10.

She’s extremely dysfunctional, and there was not much for him to gain from trying to date her except getting burned and learning from it.

But she did something non-stripper girls also do, which are clear red flags you should avoid.

(Remember, not all women show their damage with their profession)

She went from VERY hot to VERY cold over text after my client didn’t respond to her immediately. Even though it was his cavalierness that got her interested to begin with.

In other words, she was turned on by the space he gave (desire) but also very needing of reassurance aka less space (comfort).

She wanted him to act two different ways at the same time.

I pointed this out to him. If he responded to her more frequently, she would have lost interest. She’s used to guys fawning over her.

But tapering back made her feel insecure, which ultimately caused her to block him.

Crazy behavior, I know. I also know given her profession you’re not surprised. These women have serious intimacy issues, as they have commoditized it. They don’t know how to do it ‘naturally’

Which is why I told him there is absolutely no point in trying to date these girls the normal way.

Indeed, you can only really get these girls if you have material leverage in your favor.

You need to be rich, powerful, and dangerous. This means something to her, and is a means of anchoring her into your orbit — and modulating her bad behavior.

Hang some diamonds over the head of a woman like this, when she knows you could kill someone, and she’ll give you all the sex and affection she can summon.

The question of course for you guys: is this what you really want?

Probably not. Especially as these women bail the moment the tide turns against you.

Which is why they have a very specific role of “whore” in the sexual ecosystem.

They aren’t for dating. They act as playthings for guys when they need them, for a price. And don’t forget there always is a price.

Anyway, enough said for today.

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– Pat