Short email for you today after yesterday’s whopper.

But wanted to address a situation that happened to a client recently… and which has probably happened to some of you (and confused you).

It’s common knowledge in “game” circles that you want to look for IOIs (indicators of interest) before escalating with a girl. Indeed, in settings like bars you even look for them often before approaching.

So naturally you might expect that a girl who’s ignoring you isn’t interested in you.

But that’s not always the case.

You have to understand: there is a difference between “tactical” ignoring and the ignoring that comes from genuine disinterest.

If a woman doesn’t know you exist and spends time far away from you, it’s a solid inference she doesn’t like you.

But what if she’s hanging around your area, but focusing on your friends or other people instead of you? And then what if you try to engage with her, but she blows you off?

Chances are in fact that she likes you.

And that the whole reason for her “active ignoring” of you is simply to get in your vicinity without “acting like she cares” and to try to make you jealous.

It’s an attempt to bait you into going after her. She might reject you (aka turn her focus to a different person) a few times to “show her value,” but it’s just an act. Eventually she will turn to you and allow the flirting to commence.

The problem of course is that many guys will miss these signals and take this behavior as personal rejection and head elsewhere.

Or is it really a problem?

These women are by and large neurotic extroverts. And they SUCK to date.

So personally I would say you are not really missing anything.

This is immature female behavior, and a sign that were you to date such a woman she’d make your life difficult with drama.

But, your call.

I’m simply here to illuminate the way these fickle females operate.

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– Pat