Bit of a weird email for you today.But I wanted to talk about something that’s been occurring more and more in my practice.

Something that’s very strange to discuss for many, and indeed may not appeal to most.

And yet, has proven very useful to those open enough towards it.

Those of you who have seen my controversial COVID/CABAL periscopes, know that I have a bit of a bent towards the esoteric.

International conspiracies, different dimensions, psychological operations…

Much of which might not seem relevant to those of you following because of my dating and relationship perspectives.

And yet, in many ways these themes are tied together.

Not just because what occurs in the macro (socialization re: men and women) affects us in the micro (our love lives).

But because some of the “bizarre” things discussed — particularly concerning “demonic attack” — are tied to our experiences with women.

Understand: problems in our lives are “true” on multiple different levels.

A lot of people try to fix these issues via concrete actions. This is, in the dating world, how PUAs will tell guys how to succeed better with women. They learn some things about attraction and psychology, or at the most rudimentary, simply learn a system to plug and play.

This does indeed fix the problem to an extent… but in others it does not. If a man doesn’t “feel” alpha he can only ape the behavior so much.

Which is why most people who try to improve with women are eventually forced to grapple with their own inner trauma and psychological issues if they hope to succeed, or at least feel good about their success.

Although there are some radicals who discount the importance of “inner work,” or do it half assed (repeat after me: “I’m the prize”)… most accept that our mindset affects our reality.

But what most have not yet come to accept is that there are levels even beyond this.

Yep, there’s “energy”… something many of you have embraced due to my emphasis of it (although this is a bit harder for the average guy to accept).

But the rabbit hole doesn’t stop there.

Because the reason many people have “bad energy” aka “bad state of mind” aka “don’t know what to do” is because they are under attack from astral entities — otherwise known as demons.

These inter-dimensional creatures feed on people and haunt them. If you have heard of “night terrors” or “sleep paralysis” — this is a very clear cut example of actively viewing them.

People who have been severely traumatized — molested as a child, manipulated by a borderline personality disorder girl (aka “succubus”) — tend to experience this, along with repeated tragedy if they refuse to “submit” to the dark side.

And so their lives are very “unlucky.” Or as we might have said in the past — cursed.

The bad news?

These curses tend to linger because people don’t take them seriously.

But there is silver lining:

If you actual take this “spiritual warfare” part of your growth seriously… you can banish them, along with all the misery and misfortune they bring.

Think I’m scoffing about all of this?

I’ve had multiple clients at this point who have experience intensified demonic attack since we began working together.

The reason is not because I’m such a bad guy. But because they want to scare these guys off from healing… from changing their lives.

They don’t want to lose their victim, so they throw the kitchen sink at them.

Now, don’t misconstrue things here. I’m not a priest. I do not have “formal” skills or “certifications” in this.

But, due to experiences of my own… including my jaunt out in the wild (post on that incoming)… this “exorcising” is a hat I’ve been learning to wear with my clients.

A hat that fits nicely alongside my tactical awareness of romantic situations, depth psychology, energy awareness… the list goes on.

Which means I can increasingly help you to get better across multiple dimensions.

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– Pat