Had an interesting conversation with a client the other day.

A conversation I think might be very valuable for you gentlemen to “eavesdrop” on so to speak.

The background:

One of my clients is a very wealthy and successful guy. In incredible shape. And extremely fluent in “game.”

He’s into dom-sub dynamics, and unlike many is able to execute them. Sleeping with women is easy; they routinely become addicted to him, even offering to bring other women into the loop to please him. He is like Christian Grey in many ways… he’ll pick a girl up in a helicopter, take her to another city for a fancy dinner, and then fuck her brains out.

Which makes you wonder — why would such a guy decide to work with me?

I like to remind people that I wear many hats and thus no client is necessarily “typical.” For instance, while this client has no need of help attracting women, that doesn’t mean there aren’t emotional issues beneath the surface.

Which brings us to our situation.

He is currently in a complicated romantic situation with a woman. I won’t go into the details of this — all that’s relevant is that him and her are “apex predators” who routinely dominate and seduce the opposite sex. Their attraction and chemistry is thus substantial; there is a sense with the two of them that each has met their match.

And yet where is this cat-and-mouse game really going?

My client is at a point where he wants to stop with the games. He has pushed women (including this one) away to protect himself for years; he’s exerted his power. But while she desires him, trust is elusive. There is an expectation that they will wound each other that always stops things from progressing past intense affairs.

Which is why my advice was very difficult for him at first to accept.

What did I say?

To level with her about his baggage, and to tell he what he wanted.

A lot of people in the manosphere reading this might call me crazy. This is weakness, isn’t it? Now that she senses it… she’s going to eat him alive.

And indeed, her response might corroborate this assessment.

She told him things like it was too late, she wanted things to remain complicated with them, she didn’t want something serious, her feelings were hurt, she wanted to be swept off her feet, etc…

A lot of mixed messages, but with one intention clear: to make him feel like she wanted him, but that he had to work to make it happen.

Something he was prepared to do, and indeed, thought would be the next step.

Which is why he was surprised yet again when I told him the opposite — to pull back.

The reason?

Because she was still playing games.

He leveled with her to break the cycle. But she interpreted it as softness… which is why she baited him into chasing after her.

All of which was expected. A major part of girl game is women pretending to lay down their sword, when they have a knife in their hand.

Had attempted to accommodate her emotional demands, “getting stabbed” is exactly what would have happened. She’d lose interest; her biggest rival finally vanquished.Instead she’s in for a rude surprise.

Because she’s going to find this guy who expressed his feelings isn’t needy.

He’ll be quite neutral with her, seemingly moving on with his life.And when she gets frustrated enough to finally push the envelope, to press why her victim hasn’t fallen into her trap… she’s going to find out that he hasn’t because he sees right through her.

All her games. All her bullshit.

And that she isn’t ready for the next level, which is why he’s not moving forward with her.

Can you imagine how this is going to fuck her up?

Just when she’s thought she’s won, she finds out she almost lost it all.

Such is the power of discernment and truth.

It’s the difference between trench warfare and calling in precision air strikes.

You know her position EXACTLY and can wipe out all of her forces.

And better yet — give her an opportunity to lay down her arms.

Now, I want to make it clear… I think it’s very important to learn game. I even think most NEED to experience it to be a master. Your discernment will not be as good if you have not cut your cloth in this arena. And yet…

Standard game is zero-sum in strategy.

You win, she loses. She wins, you lose.

(Maybe you both win in the short-term “sexually,” in that things are hot, but emotionally you are always on edge)

Psychological game, in contrast, bypasses these walls. You become like Neo in the matrix; there is no fight, as you can see what is going on before it occurs.

It’s a complete understanding of what is going on with a person, their wounds, their problems, along with the compassion to help them heal.

It’s an escape from polarity. The game ends, because the game is amateur when you have entered into this state of awareness.

Some might scoff at this.

Let them.

I do not know how to explain the power of this position to people who haven’t experienced it.

Frame is a non-issue because the confidence of knowing exactly what is going on at all times makes it impossible to lose frame.

And this woman will adore you because you have penetrated her deepest pains and fears, and saved her from them.

You know this woman inside and out.

And so you will have NO competition for this woman ever again.

No other guy can simply compare.

Which is why it’s “funny” (sad) to me when I see the little chickens squawking about on twitter about women cheating, how disaster is just around the corner…

Once you understand psychological game, this problem ain’t gonna happen.

Cause it’ll take a LOT to convince her to go anywhere else, and even if her mind does wander in that direction… you’ll be wise to it mere moments after the idea enters her mind.

Anyway, how to learn such things?

Well, I talk about this in my masterclass… and in much more detail in the new content getting added.

(A reminder the price will be going up the moment that happens)

But if you really want to learn to become the kind of man with this awareness?

You’ll probably want to work with me.

Because it’s one thing to learn how this stuff works.

But it’s quite another to embody it.

(You might even say your capacity for psychological game is contingent on you dealing with your own bullshit, so clearing out said blindspots with a coach is a must)

Those interested in the next level can apply here: www.patstedman.com/application

– Pat