“When I came to Pat I was painfully aware that I did not understand how to interact with girls. I’m also Pat’s first African American client which I thought would introduce more complexity but it genuinely had zero impact during our time together. I’ve always been a jock which put me in the “popular” circles with constant access to girls. Unaware of how to interact with girls coupled with my friendly personality, I had a TON of girl best friends. It was the worst thing ever lol. Because I was a jock and popular everyone thought I had several date options but I knew deep down I was friend-zoned in practically all my female relationships. What’s funny is that I thought the friendzone was the path to romantic relations! When I got to college and the real world I started to realize my mistakes. I didn’t understand how to interact with women. I’m a software engineer so part of me likes to have algorithms to do things; this set me down a path of courses, books, youtube videos, etc to learn the keys I have been missing. That’s how I fell into the Red Pill community, which taught me a lot, but I still had a ways to go before I could feel fully comfortable around women. So I came to Pat with 2 main goals. 1.) Knowing how to talk and date girls without getting friend-zoned and wasting my time 2.) Knowing how to build a social network and move up the social ladder. We indeed accomplished those 2 objectives. In particular, there was a girl I had known for a year that I started developing feelings for the moment I started working with Pat. This was a perfect case study because I wanted to make a move on her but I was afraid I was friend-zoned and would ruin the dynamic we had. Pat helped me see that I was letting that “dynamic” overrule what I wanted, which was to be romantic with her. If that’s what I wanted, why didn’t I go for it? That was a huge realization for me. At this time we were also working on my social capital– the way to do that is to bring people together through parties and events. I talked through the psychology of party’s with Pat and learned that the only way to become the go-to social guy is to throw things even if you’re not 100% sure they’ll be fun. With those two huge understandings, I was ready to make some damage. What did I do? There was a holiday weekend coming up and I decided I would throw a rooftop party at my apartment. This was the first party I ever threw by myself and I was madly scared lol. I shout out the invites to everyone and the big key was to follow up personally with people to see if they were coming. The party was scheduled for Saturday. The day before the party I and Pat agreed that I was going to tell my crush I liked her. Tension in our relationship was building and if I didn’t make a move it would be a signal that I’m not man enough to take risks which is what men are supposed to do. Why would she be with a man who doesn’t do manly things? Another heavy-hitting question from Pat – that was a big wake-up call. So the Friday night before my party she came over and I made my move by trying to kiss her as she was leaving my apartment. I cannot begin to explain what that did for my confidence. She didn’t let me kiss her that night but we eventually started dating a month later! These words came out of her mouth a month later. “I want to be with you.” That’s pretty pleasing to hear lol. After making that move I felt like a “leveled up” as a man. My story shifted from “I don’t know how to act around women” to “I can make moves with girls.” I’m a new man thanks to Pat’s help. I used to get so nervous around attractive girls because I wanted to be liked but now I reorient myself so that I just act and express myself naturally. I no longer try to be cool; that ultimately leads to disaster because girls can smell the fakeness a mile away. I realized that you are never doomed to be in the friend zone as long as your conversations and interactions with girls have a playful undertone to them. I’ll save the specifics for when you work with Pat but I never fear entering the friend zone now and have the confidence and ability to read whether a girl is interested – if they’re interested I make moves like Mick Jagger with no hesitation.”