“I’ve been working with Pat for nearly three months to keep my long-term relationship on track and improve my habits. Even with several sessions to go, I’m extremely happy with the results. My relationship is better because Pat has helped me get better. Bottom line: If you’re considering coaching, I highly recommend working with Pat. Pat’s writing about self-improvement was what put him on my radar and I reached out about coaching. We had a brief intro call (purely perfunctory from my perspective–I already knew I wanted to work with him) and then we set up our first session soon after. Pat is patient and he makes you feel heard. During your initial call you’ll discuss your worldview through the lens of past relationships–romantic ones mostly, but family and friends are also covered. He wants to understand your understanding of the relationships that have shaped your life. Only then does the giving advice part of coaching begin? A running theme in Pat’s writing is the importance of context, which carries over to his coaching. Pat’s coaching is tailored to each client. It’s all custom–you don’t hire a coach to get shopworn platitudes or generalized advice. Pat analyzes your specific needs. Then he determines the actions you need to take in order to fix your weak points. The goal of coaching, of course, doesn’t just talk, it’s taking action. I also like that he kept sight of what was working in my relationship, to make sure those patterns were maintained. He isn’t cheap, but given the stakes involved, I thought he was a bargain. Avoiding one bad relationship could mean avoiding months of hassle. Setting up good habits and actively improving yourself pay dividends over years and decades. Expert advice isn’t low-cost, but it is worth it. I highly recommend Pat to anyone serious about making themselves and their relationships better.”