“When I started working with Pat my go-to approach for trying to attract women was to be nice to them. Pat taught me “seduction” in a way that naturally aligned with the strengths of my personality and taught me how to read sub-communication (reading between the lines – which is how women communicate). He taught […]

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“Pat has a way of bringing out the real answers behind the excuses you first give. He’s got a knack for seeing where the truth is or where he needs to push on a point to unlock the underlying issue for why you’re not quite satisfied with your love life (and maybe social life in

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“For anyone that may be on the fence about scheduling coaching with pat, I hope this helps. I was in an SOS situation with my girlfriend about a month ago. I called Pat up and explained the situation to him. The first thing he said was ‘can I level with you?’ And then proceeded to

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“Late in the year 2017 is when I first reached out to Pat concerning my 1.5-year relationship after an argument with my then-girlfriend. I had little concept of leading, being a man, all I had going for me were things I grew up with which kept me operating as a boy would, and manosphere blogs

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“Pat helped me make an identity level shift by going deep into my unconscious and root causing and questioning my beliefs, how I felt about myself, and he surfaced unresolved trauma around my relationships. After working with him, the way I showed up in my professional and personal relationships changed eventually leading to better personal

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“It’s funny how unprepared we can be when things go wrong. Even after 10 years, I was still in love with Isabella. I had no idea she wasn’t in love with me. I was in my 50s when it ended. The same age as my dad when my mum left him. I remember how lonely

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“Working with Pat has forever changed my life. Before working with him, I spent years reading books on dating, NLP, PUA, etc. I followed experts across the Twitter manosphere, often cherry-picking advice that seemed useful. And although I was making progress on the surface, I knew that I needed something more fundamental. I needed to

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“I did coaching with Pat both one on one and in his group class, and it was the best coaching experience I have ever had! Before meeting Pat, I had received dating coaching from other dating coaches. Having grown up in a conservative immigrant family, I never dated anyone until college and even then, I

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“Had a chance to work with Pat’s boot camp this past July. I had been working with Pat with his coaching over the past year and he had been helping me out overcoming my fears and deeply ingrained negative mindsets in regards to dating (well some of us need a little help here). Anyway, even

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“As a young adult, I figured that if I nailed everything in my life then awesome girls would fall into my lap, so that’s what I set out to do. I got into great shape, cultivated fantastic relationships with my friends and family, and pursued a satisfying and lucrative career. Unfortunately, my confidence in dating

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