“Pat has a way of bringing out the real answers behind the excuses you first give. He’s got a knack for seeing where the truth is or where he needs to push on a point to unlock the underlying issue for why you’re not quite satisfied with your love life (and maybe social life in general). For me, some of it was a little uncomfortable because he put his finger pretty quickly on some things I’d been avoiding admitting to myself, some of which were complete untruths I’d internalized as parts of my identity without questioning. Exposing them to the light has left me with a lot to think about and a path past them as well. He’s gone through the work to develop himself, understand the difficulty, and can put you at ease but even so it’s an uncomfortable process to openly admit something that you’ve been hiding from yourself. He then finds ways to re-frame, work through and move forward. He genuinely wants to help and that’s pretty apparent from even the first few minutes of the call I had with him. I’d highly encourage anyone not getting quite what they want out of their love lives to reach out to him.