“It’s funny how unprepared we can be when things go wrong. Even after 10 years, I was still in love with Isabella. I had no idea she wasn’t in love with me. I was in my 50s when it ended. The same age as my dad when my mum left him. I remember how lonely he had been. He never found someone else. He’s 78 now and has lived alone for about 25 years. I’d always felt bad for him and now it seemed like I was about to suffer the same curse. I also found it hard to believe there’d be many women still single in my age group who I would want to settle down with. Feelings of rejection made me wonder if I even deserved one. This damage to my self-worth was affecting my ability to think straight. Only one thing was making sense. I kept seeing this guy on Twitter called Pat Stedman talking about finding the balance between providing desire and comfort in a relationship. Sounds simple but the deeper details in this idea kept hitting me and revealing to me where I had gone wrong not just in my relationship with Isabella but in all my previous relationships. We keep making the same mistakes until we see them. That was just the first step. I signed up with Pat and almost immediately discovered that there is no scarcity. Opportunities I thought I would never see were sitting right in front of me. You attract what you deserve. If you can find your better self then you can have it all. It won’t fall in your lap but I promise you it’s there waiting for you. It took me just a month or two to break the family curse. I suddenly noticed a girl who, for years, I had been walking past every day. She was young and beautiful and my buddies all thought she was too good for me. Luckily I had an actual expert on female psychology and dating on my side. Each time I wanted to give up Pat insisted he had a good feeling about her. It’s now two years later and this time I have a devoted, loving girlfriend who, thanks to Pat again, I now properly understand and connect with.”