“When I started working with Pat my go-to approach for trying to attract women was to be nice to them. Pat taught me “seduction” in a way that naturally aligned with the strengths of my personality and taught me how to read sub-communication (reading between the lines – which is how women communicate). He taught me to lead not just through my actions but also psychologically through the frame. There are a lot of confusing messages from society about masculinity: ranging from “you should be vulnerable” to “women will drop you as soon as they see someone more successful.” Pat’s exposure to Game, Myers Briggs, the “vulnerability movement” and being in a committed marriage gives him a powerful and authentic perspective to help you navigate modern dating and relationships. Every week we would get on a call and go through how my dates went and how I was communicating with women. What makes Pat’s coaching unique is that he doesn’t provide a cookie-cutter solution and will encourage you to create your style based on the strengths of your personality. He pushes you to be independent of his advice. I’d highly recommend working with him.”