“For anyone that may be on the fence about scheduling coaching with pat, I hope this helps. I was in an SOS situation with my girlfriend about a month ago. I called Pat up and explained the situation to him. The first thing he said was ‘can I level with you?’ And then proceeded to tell me that I was letting too much stuff slide in so many words. Which deep down, I already knew, but didn’t have another man to bounce the ideas off of at the time. When I first started dating, my OGs told me early that you gotta have a strong council of men around you so that you can keep your game tight. Well, I’m lacking that now as most of my guy friends are married and in LTRs that take up a lot of their time. Pat was just what I needed now. His advice was sound, no bs, practical, and actionable. This is exactly what you want in a dating and relationship coach. Hell, a coach of any kind for that manner. You see, we often know when we are doing something wrong, but sometimes when you don’t have a sound council, you’ll start to second guess yourself. Even if you know something, you’ll still be tested to see if you truly believe it and live it. This is when you need your council and your network. Pat came through for me in a pinch and I’m happy to say that my relationship is much better now due to his coined term of Radical Honesty. He even reintroduced me to attachment styles, which I knew about, but didn’t integrate into my relationship view. Pat knows what he’s talking about because he has lived it and that’s what I appreciate most when seeking advice from others. Pat is the real deal and I’m glad that I contacted him.”