Let’s cut to the chase:I see a lot of LARPing online from accounts about their prowess with women.

These accounts — who generally have some super-unique actor, playboy, or suit avis — talk about all sorts of things that “elite” men (themselves included of course) do.

Things like:

– have threesomes each weekend
– attract every hot girl they encounter
– make women they date fall in love with them forever

Retards on this list (hopefully not many) will take these claims seriously. Not to say that such things can’t or don’t happen.

There are women out there who are very down for threesomes.

If you supercharge your persona and preselection you can get women to give you eyes wherever you go. And if you trigger the right emotions in a woman she will never forget you.

But when you hear people bragging about these things, you need to proceed with caution and look for context.

First, caution — because you need to ask yourself why some people have taken the time to talk about how amazing they are

.I’ve been in this industry for over a decade, and I can promise you these claims are designed to feed on your sense of inferiority with women, to make you feel lame and pathetic, and to ultimately cause you to follow (and pay) these genius-playboys in order to be like them.

(BTW, having met many of these people, they are usually nothing like they claim)

But second, context — because even if these claims are true… and sometimes they are… you need to ask yourself what kind of women these are, and what you actually want.

I know, I know… this might seem silly on the surface. What guy doesn’t want at least the ability to sleep with multiple women at the same time, to attract women effortlessly, and to make said women “addicted” to you forever?

Well, because you are only going to get those results if you date certain types of women.

And to date those types of women, you need to become a certain type of man.

Understand my friends…

There is NOT a one-size-fits-all approach to attraction.

This is one of the most extreme misconceptions in the dating / relationships universe, and it’s one of the things I have tried to reconcile over the course of my career.

There are UNIVERSAL things that women are attracted to, but the execution and emphasis of these things is going to be determined by her values and her vibration.

For example, a girl with daddy issues who frequents clubs — your chances of a threesome with her if you are fit, cocky, and at least appear to have wealth and status is very high.

But to get that sort of girl, you need to care about those sort of things.

You need to WANT to be some club player. You need to DESIRE those girls.

These are not the only girls who have threesomes, of course. Your girl-next-door may also have these fantasies, and there are less superficial ways to get her to open up to them.

But not every girl is going to want these things, and not every girl who does is going to respond to the same approach.

Which is the real problem with the community. Because gurus talk about “how to get her” but who said guru’s “her” is may be totally different from any girl you could possibly want.

For instance, I was asked to check out a book by a guy in the ‘sphere, Joe Lampton, the other day.

He used a funny marketing trick, saying that if I posted on Twitter his book was trash, he would stop selling it.

I’m not going to do that to him, because while his book is short and perhaps overpriced — his book ISN’T trash.

A lot of you may be shocked to hear that, considering the book is entirely about manipulating and controlling women.

But here’s the thing:

For some women, that is in fact EXACTLY the kind of guys they are attracted to.

And if you attempt to be a decent guy to them, these women will EAT YOU ALIVE. 

Joe is a self-described “internet pimp” who manages camgirls. OF COURSE you need to have a firm hand with these women. And if attracting and dating these kind of women is what you want (I’m sure they have their perks) you better buy Joe’s book.

But if you don’t want to date a woman who is so broken she’s basically become a prostitute, then following the material in this book is going to completely fuck up your dating life. So understand what you are looking for before you decide to follow someone’s guidance. And understand who YOU want to become — because the two are inextricably linked.

The fact is I am not going to be the mentor for all of you. I work with guys who want to become internally strong and masculine but also heart-centered. I teach a blueprint for high-vibration dating and relationships. After working with me you will be a man women follow and adore… but out of love, not fear.

But not all women are ready for that kind of relationship, and so you will have to write those other women off.

For those interested in learning how to have these kinds of relationships — and to become the man who leads them — apply here: www.patstedman.com/application

– Pat