Full disclosure before this gossip column analysis: I could give two SHITS about the royal family. Prince Andrew is a confirmed pedophile, and he’s just the surface of the evil shit that goes on behind their “glamorous” lifestyle.

But nevertheless it is very interesting seeing how things have unfolded with Prince Harry.

Of course, it wasn’t hard to predict things would go south.

She was an actress, from America, known for attention-seeking antics rather than class.

And it was clear from the very beginning she was “in-charge,” and would gradually compel him to do whatever she wanted… even if it was humiliating for him, and his family.

But how did she do it?

This is a prince, after all. You’d think he’d have some pretty substantial protections in place to stop an opportunistic woman like this from getting through the front gate.

And I’m sure he did… for the average woman.But women who are predators — and Meghan learned well this well from her mother — know exactly how to game high-value men.

Understand, there are generally two ways women “hijack” a guy’s brain.

#1) Dirty, kinky, frequent sex. The woman in these situations wants it “all the time” and is also usually much more assertive than your average woman… and knows exactly what to do to cause maximum pleasure for the guy. Gradually the guy gets addicted and the woman drains his life essence. Eventually he’s addicted and weak… and she needs to do very little to keep him in line.

(Ironically, Edward — the other British royal who was forced to resign due to his affair with another American actress — fell for a woman who famously learned some “techniques” from a Shanghai “madame”… aka prostitute manager)

#2) Triggers Deep Seated Insecurities. In this scenario the woman mostly just needs to intuitive where a man is emotionally fragile and weak. These frailties — inherited from childhood, and generally due to unresolved issues with his parents — are easy to exploit by women who know where to look. A sense of being loved, appreciated, understood makes it very easy to manipulate said guy against his roots.

Of course, the best women do both at the same time… because nothing traps a guy more than becoming his fantasy madonna and whore.

And this is almost certainly what happened to Harry.

Meghan’s confidence was likely electrifying to Harry, who was used to seeing women fawn over him.

She pursued him, but not desperately. Claimed him you might say.

And was very persuasive, once they were in the bedroom, that she wasn’t like other girls.

But the big force multiplier for Harry was all the issues with his family, which Meghan must have seen quite clearly.

You see, Harry’s mother was in many ways just like Meghan. She loved to be in the spotlight, and by all accounts had borderline personality disorder. He likely experienced considerable love from her, but with enormous emotional volatility. “Mommy was having problems with daddy” and he had to “behave” in order to keep mommy in a good mood.

In short, he was used to being controlled by his mother’s moods… and so was primed to be controlled by any woman who tapped into those triggers like his mother.

All of this was, of course, exacerbated by the fact that Harry was not close at all to his father, who was remarkably cold and distant to him.

Once Harry’s mother died, he was adrift. Escaping into parties, orgies, whatever to distract him from his emotionally numb life.

That is, until Meghan came along.

Anyway, you may not be as important as a prince. And so it is unlikely you will get someone quite as dangerous as Meghan in your life.

But there are many lesser variants of Meghan Markle out there, ready to take half your estate if you’re not careful.

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– Pat

(PS I was asked on Twitter about William and Kate. In brief: William has similar triggers as Harry, but was forced to be more repressed about them due to his role as heir. Moreover, while you can accurately say Kate “persuaded” William in her own way — she knew that she was taking on responsibility by marrying him, and clearly cares about him. She too picked her man… but isn’t using him.)